President Donald Trump is under fire for his reaction to a Japanese reporter's question.总统川普因为对待日本记者的行为受到炮轰。 The reporter, who had an accent, began asking Trump a question regarding the economy at a press conference at the White House on Wednesday following the midterm elections.周三中期选举以后在白宫的记者招待会上,这位有口音的记者向川普提问了有关经济方面的问题。 The president interjected, asking, “Where are you from, please?” When the reporter responded with “Japan,” Trump told him to “say hello to Shinzo,” referencing the country's prime minister, Shinzo Abe.总统打断他道:“请问你从哪里来?”然后记者回答,“日本,”川普让他想安倍晋三问好,日本的首相是安倍晋三。 Then continues the snarks with: “I'm sure he's happy about tariffs on his cars.” He then tells the reporter, who has an accent, “I can't understand you.”然后川普接着说:“我想他对于汽车交易一定很高兴。”然后他告诉这名有口音的记者说,“我真的听不懂你在说什么。” When the reporter attempted to finish his question about trade, the president responded, saying, “I really don't understand you.” 当这名记者尝试着说完关于这个贸易的问题时,总统回答,“我真的听不懂你说什么。” Trump eventually answered, claiming Japan has treated the U.S. “very unfairly” when it comes to the auto trade.不过最后川普还是回答了,在汽车交易方面日本对美国“很不公平”。 网友回应—— He really is tactless. Trump isn't fit to be president, just based on these conferences alone. The way he just handled this Japanese reporter as abhorrent.川普在这件事情上一点都不老练,就单单从这些会议上看出,他一点都不适合做总统,在对待日本记者这件事情上做法让人憎恶。  This is my take as if this were in a vacuum in itself.我感觉他活在做自己的世界里。 My god Trump just out there being openly racist to a Japanese reporter.我的天!川普就在那里,公然歧视这位日本记者。 What's more, Trump claimed to have not understood two other reporters of color at the same press conference. 而且在同一记者招待会上,还对两名有色人种的记者说,听不懂他们的话。 “I don't understand what you're saying,” Trump responded.“我听不懂你们在说什么,”川普回应道。 以下是网友评论—— Many felt it was no coincidence Trump responded similarly to foreign reporters. Is it my imagination or has Trump mocked the accent of every foreign reporter called upon at this brouhaha? He can't help himself.  在回应国外记者的问题上很多人觉得川普的行为并非偶然。这是我的想象还是川普在这场闹剧上面嘲笑每个外国记者的口音。他应该就是不能自已。 Seriously. Our President interrupts and dismisses every reporter that has an accent that isn't American. I wish we had a President we could respect at least a little bit.说真的,我们的总统打断并鄙视每一个非美国口音的记者。我希望我们能有一个为自己多赢得一点尊重的总统。 (翻译:林浔鸥)