1.pngInnovative创新One word Ms. Ferrier said should be avoided at all costs is "innovative" which she agrees is "subjective" and "arrogant".莎伦提到,无论如何我们也不应该使用“创新”这个词,她认为这个词“主观”且“自大”。It’s also a cliche. You want to avoid jargon and buzzwords and use clear words. Rather than use the word innovative, give facts and explain what you actually did that shows innovation, she said.“这都是陈词滥调了。我们要避免晦涩难懂的术语和流行词汇,使用表意清晰的词语。比起用‘创新’这个词,我们可以给出事实,解释一下我们是如何做到创新的,” 莎伦说道。Highly qualified十分胜任Business Insider recently reported that the phrase "highly qualified" was considered something to avoid as it is believed that it doesn’t make you seem better suited for the role.商业内幕网站近期报道,应该避免使用“十分胜任”这个词语,因为这个词语并不能让你看起来更适合这份工作。Instead, it was recommended to focus on the specific skills you have that can benefit the position.相反,我们应该关注哪些具体技能让你胜任这个岗位。I encourage people to tailor their resumes to the people who are receiving the information. If you’re going through 80 resumes you need yours to stand out. The whole objective of a resume is to get your foot in the door, Ms. Ferrier said.“我鼓励求职者根据接收简历的人来进行修改润色。假设,和你竞争同一岗位的有80个人,你就要让自己的简历脱颖而出。简历就是你找工作的敲门砖,” 莎伦说道。Seasoned经验丰富She also agreed on not using the word "seasoned", which shows age and may indicate you’re not appropriate for the role.除此之外,她认为“经验丰富”这个单词也要避免使用,因为这会暴露年龄,还可能显示出你不适合这份工作。It is also a word that you would never use in common language so I think it’s best to avoid it, she said.“而且,这个词在日常也不会用到,所以我觉得最好还是别用了,”她说。Microsoft WordWord软件Including Microsoft Word as a skill was also deemed unnecessary as it would be assumed that you have basic knowledge of the program.把会使用Word软件作为一项技能写到简历中也没有什么必要,因为公司会默认你掌握这些基本知识。Don’t include basic knowledge. It’s all about showcasing with clear examples what you can do. Including things like Microsoft Word is like including you got a gold star in kindergarten, Ms Ferrier said.“别把这种基本技能写到简历中。你只需要展示出清晰的例子来说明你会做些什么,这就够了。把这种技能写在简历上,就好像把幼儿园得过一颗小星星写进简历一样。”However, when it comes to the debate over whether you should include references on your resume, Ms. Ferrier said it doesn’t matter either way.然而,谈到简历中是否应该附上推荐信时,莎伦觉得有没有都无所谓。I haven’t heard of anyone who reference checks beforehand. For me it’s a tricky one because people don’t want to use their references if they’re still in the current job, she elaborated.“我还没听说过有人会跟证明人查验事实。我觉得这个有些不好说,因为人们在没离职前不想用到证明人这个资源,”她解释说。Ambitious上进心强While some experts have urged potential employees to steer clear of the word "ambitious" in their resume, this was something Ms. Ferrier said could work in some circumstances.有些专家要求潜在求职者避免在简历上使用“上进心强”这个单词,但是莎伦说在某些场合,这还是适用的。What do you want, a non-ambitious employee? I think it depends on the hiring manager’s perspective. I want an ambitious sales person who is motivated in regards to targets and incentive but if you’re a graduate the word ambitious isn’t as good as it can show that you have your eyes on a higher role and will leave the graduate role at the earliest opportunity.“你想要什么?一个没什么上进心的员工?我觉得这取决于人事经理的喜好。我想要一个上进心强的销售人员,他在目标完成上要充满动力;但你要是应届生,‘充满上进心’这个词语就不是很适合了,这会让你看起来觊觎高位,一有机会就会想摆脱毕业生的身份。”She also said men and women tend to write differently when it comes to self-promotion.她还说,涉及到自我推销的时候,男性和女性的措辞是不一样的。She explained that when she was previously working with professors asking for grants the men continuously used the word "I", the women said "we".她解释道,早前和教授们一起工作,申请补助金时,男性会一直使用“我”,女性则使用“我们”。As for M. Ferrier’s final piece of advice? Make your cover letter and resume punchy and succinct.莎伦的最后一条建议就是让你的求职信和简历简洁有力。Clarity is king - don’t be vague and don’t make vague statements. Be specific but be brief.清晰准确是王道——别含糊其辞。要明确而且简短。Some of these people are wading through heaps and heaps of resumes. They want to be able to access the substance. Vague is bland, vague is vanilla.“人事部经理要处理一堆又一堆的简历。他们想要实质内容。内容含糊就是乏味,就是毫无特色。”