Establishment of Business Relations 与外商建立业务关系写作例句 1)We are willing to enter into business relations with your firm on the basis of equality , mutual benefit and exchanging what one has for what one needs. 我们愿在平等互利、互通有无的基础上与贵公司建立业务联系。 2) We wish to introduce ourselves to you as a stateoperated corporation dealing exclusively in light industrial goods. 我们是专营轻工产品的国营公司。 3) Being specialized in the export of Chinese art and craft goods, we express our desire to trade with you in this line. 我们专门出口中国工艺品,愿与贵方开展这方面的业务。 4)To acquaint you with the light industrial goods we handle, we are sending you, by separate airmail, a commodity list and several sample books for your reference. 为使你方熟悉我方经营的轻工产品,另封航邮寄上商品目录和一些样品,供你参考。 5)In order to give you some idea of various qualities of handicrafts we carry, we have pleasure in forwarding you by airmail one catalog and a few sample books for your perusal. 为使你方对我方各自款式的手工艺品有一初步了解,今航邮奉上我方目录和一些样品,供你方参考。 6)Having had your name and address from the Commercial Counsellor’’s Office of the Embassy of the People’’s Republic of China in your country, we now avail ourselves of this opportunity to write to you and see if we can establish business relations by the commencement of some practical transactions. 从驻贵国的中华人民共和国大使馆商务处获知贵方名称和地址,我们荣幸地写信给你们,是否可通过开始做几宗实际的交易来建立业务联系。 7)Your firm has been recommended to us by the Chamber Commerce in Tokyo, Japan. 日本东京商会已向我们推荐贵公司。 8) We thank you for your letter offering your services and should like to discuss the possibility of expanding trade with you. 谢谢你方来函表示愿意提供服务,我方愿与你方就扩大贸易的可能性进行讨论。 9)In order to promote business between us, we are airmailing you samples, under separate cover, for your inspection. 为促进双方业务往来,另封航邮寄上样品,供你参考