Since we have spent a lot of time in learning English, it is wise to ask ourselves: How have we spent our precious time? Among all the English skills, which one has taken the most time from us and which one the least? Does the allocation make sense? You probably would agree that most Chinese students spend the majority of their time in memorizing vocabularies or studying English grammar while the least in practicing spoken English or writing. Chinese students emphasize on vocabularies and grammar because they think it is the most efficient way to quickly acquire high scores in the TOEFL or GRE test (although I can make a very convincing argument against it). But what are important in taking tests may not be useful in applying to schools, handling heavy homework, and working as a professional in the future. In real life situations, the importance of different skills may have ranks as the following: Writing: most important in application and at workplace Speaking: most important in interviewing Reading: critical for finishing your homework Understanding of grammar: useful only for taking tests Vocabulary: all you need in life are 3-4 thousand words Let me use an example to show you how different writings can have dramatically different effects and why you need more time to practice it. One of my friends graduated from Tsinghua University and is extremely intelligent and technically capable. Once he showed me a paper analyzing the success of McDonald's in China. Here is the first paragraph: "As all know, China is famous for delicious food. Food in China from different areas is so different. When McDonald’s decided to enter Chinese market in 1987, many people doubted whether McDonald would succeed in China thought it was the biggest fast food retailer in the United States. You know, fast food is not as delicious as Chinese food, and Chinese people like to eat and pay attention to the taste of food."


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当地时间1月9日,为期四天的国际消费类电子产品博览会(CES 2018)在美国拉斯维加斯拉开帷幕。Workers set up a display at the Huawei booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center in preparation for the 2018 CES in Las
A model, writer and campaigner has become the first openly transgender woman to be featured in British Vogue.在英国《时尚》精选中,一位模特、作家兼活动家成为该杂志首位公开的变性女性Paris Lees is include
2018年1月6日20时许,巴拿马籍油船“SANCHI”轮与香港籍散货船“CF CRYSTAL”轮在长江口以东约160海里处发生碰撞。事故造成油船“SANCHI”轮全船失火,船舶右倾,船员失联;散货船“CF CRYSTAL”轮有破损,不危及船舶安全,21名船员已被安全救起。