"Here are some lessons that might apply to your on-the-job writing. The first six I reported to you in my 100th column. The last three have occurred to me since then. Writing helps clarify your thinking; You don't really know what you think until you write it Writing on a regular basis makes you a better writer; Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get Deadlines can be helpful; They can give you the energy and concentration you need to write Length limits are good for your style; Eliminating wordiness improves your emphasis and impact Good writing is edited writing; You never outgrow your need for a good editor Letting your first draft "rest," will help you edit it more effectively; Certain problems become obvious if you allow time to pass between drafting and editing Some stages of writing are inefficient and sloppy; Accepting the imperfection of the first draft is a wonderful freedom Making it fun keeps it fresh; As with most things, a column on business writing doesn't need to be dry and boring Writing counts; Writing is a reflection of your personality and style, a statement of your professional standards. It counts as much as anything else you do


2018年1月6日雅思写作范文解析小作文类型地图题目范文解析解析:本题为地图对比题。比较一个学校不同年份的布局。总体来说图形信息并不复杂,设施的方位也比较好表达。考生在表述时,注意方位词的准确运用,“坐落于” 或者
  Writing Task 1  地图题  The plans show changes of a school in 1985 and now.  The two pictures demonstrate the changes of a particular school between the year 1985 and now 2018.  In 1985, t
  期望的工作  Part2  describe a job you want to try / you will be good at (what it is, what training you need to take, and explain why you want to try it)  Part3  Do you know others who also
  亲戚  Part2  describe a family you like to stay with but not yours (Whose family it was, How you knew it, Where they lived, what you did)  Part3  should the young and the elder live togeth
  实用技能  Part2  Describe a practical/special skill you have learned, e.g. cooking or driving (what is your purpose of learning it,when do you learn it ,how do you learn it ,do you think it is
  衣服购物  Part2  describe an item of clothing other bought for you(what it is like,who bought for you,why he/she bought for you)  Part3  Do you like shopping? What do you like to buy?  Do
  Section One  场次 20160227 20120512  场景 投诉  题型 填空 10  内容概述 订机票和投诉处理,抱怨航空公司不允许带两个以上小孩  填空 10  1. Name: Quigley  2. She wants to buy 4 tickets retu
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