"Here are some lessons that might apply to your on-the-job writing. The first six I reported to you in my 100th column. The last three have occurred to me since then. Writing helps clarify your thinking; You don't really know what you think until you write it Writing on a regular basis makes you a better writer; Like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get Deadlines can be helpful; They can give you the energy and concentration you need to write Length limits are good for your style; Eliminating wordiness improves your emphasis and impact Good writing is edited writing; You never outgrow your need for a good editor Letting your first draft "rest," will help you edit it more effectively; Certain problems become obvious if you allow time to pass between drafting and editing Some stages of writing are inefficient and sloppy; Accepting the imperfection of the first draft is a wonderful freedom Making it fun keeps it fresh; As with most things, a column on business writing doesn't need to be dry and boring Writing counts; Writing is a reflection of your personality and style, a statement of your professional standards. It counts as much as anything else you do


畅销全球的英文:sell well all over the worldsell是什么意思:v. 卖,出售;推销;使畅销;宣传,使接受,使人相信;背叛,出卖n. 推销术Television sells many products. 电视促进许多商品的销售。 This shop is licensed to sell tobacco. 这家商店被准许卖烟草。T
畅销品的英文:【经】 best seller参考例句:quick-selling product;Ready seller;quick seller畅销品a best seller畅销品;畅销书best是什么意思:adj. good和well的最高级adv. 最;最好地;最高标准地n. 最好的事物(人或状态)v. 打败to the best advantag
畅销货的英文:hot number参考例句:This made the car a great success and put in the category of the falcon and the Mustang这种车一下子就成了畅销货,可以同猎鹰和野马并驾齐驱。hot是什么意思:adj. 热的;辣的;很受欢迎的;非常棒的;性感的;棘手的Hot dog
畅销的英文:fast sellervery marketablesell fastmarketed widely参考例句:The attractive and durable household electrical appliances sell well.美观耐用的家电用品,畅销于市。The best-selling sweaters in the mo