Think back to the last time you wrote something for a teacher in high school. How did you go about it? What steps did you go through to produce the essay? No, let me guess. First, you waited until the very last minute to write the damn thing. The essay was due Monday morning but you waited until Sunday night at about 9:30 PM or later to sit down and pull the assignment out of your notebook. You did think about the assignment during the week and on Friday night you didn't enjoy the party, the beer or the company of your friends as much as you wanted to because you had this anxiety, this creeping suspicion that there was an important school assignment waiting to ambush you when you arrived home. You swore then that you would lock yourself in your room on Saturday until it was finished. You awoke Sunday morning (What happened to Saturday?) feeling like death and facing the real possibility that you might not be able to finish the essay on time. You loitered through breakfast, read the comics, and even started to read the newspaper article about a new cure for some disease with the Latin name estudiantis procrastinamythis. With a groan you rose, shuffled into your room, locked the door and sat down to work. You cleaned your room. You opened the door just wide enough for you to to hear the Raider game your mother was watching in the living room. You needed a break so you took the dog for a long walk. When you returned home, dinner was waiting for you. You ate slowly. You re-read the article on estudiantis procrastinamythis . After you ate four cookies and helped with the dishes (a very rare event) you retired to your room, determined to have the essay finished in time for you to watch The X Files. You browsed through two or three old issues of People magazine looking for ideas. You tore a piece of paper out of your notebook, coughed, licked the end of the pencil, then began to think and write at the same time.


《Attention》是美国男歌手Charlie Puth演唱的一首歌曲,发行于2017年4月21日。You've been running round, running round, running round throwing that dirt all on my name你总在四处兜圈 到处撒野 还把所有污
《Symphony》是一部由英国电子乐队Clean Bandit和瑞典歌手Zara Larsson演唱的歌曲。也是一部所属音乐专辑《Symphony》的歌曲。这首歌登上瑞典单曲榜第一,也成为拉尔森在她祖国的第5个冠军和挪威与英国榜的第一。I’v
剑桥4-11阅读中出现的与考点相关的关键词根据其所表达的逻辑关系可分成八大类,分别是表顺接和递进,表对比和转折,表相似,表排列次序,表强调作用,表最高级.比较级,表因果关系,表举例子和说明。一、顺接和递进例词:also, further
【2018年雅思考试时间表(最全)】雅思中国网为大家带来最全2018年雅思考试时间表,其中包括2018年全年的雅思考试时间安排,雅思考点安排,希望对准备报考2018年雅思考试的同学有所帮助! *考生可于成绩单寄送日的中午12:00之
come用作动词的意思: 装出…样子,假装用法及例句:Don’t come the idiot with me!别跟我装傻!英汉词典参考: come
highhigh用法一用作形容词的意思:1. (饮酒或吸难)喝醉的,被麻醉的用法及例句:They went out for the evening to get high, and for no other reason.他晚上出去就是去买个醉,并没存其他原因。He was high on marijuana.
bedroom eyes用作名词的意思:勾引人的、诱发性欲的眼睛用法及例句:George’s wife had blue bedroom eyes.乔治的妻子有一双勾人魂魄的蓝眼睛。Beware of bedroom eyes. They mean trouble.要提防诱人的媚眼。它们意味
acid pad用作名词的意思:(美国俚语)1.毒品注射窝2.瘾君子注射毒品聚会英汉词典参考: acid pad