Think back to the last time you wrote something for a teacher in high school. How did you go about it? What steps did you go through to produce the essay? No, let me guess. First, you waited until the very last minute to write the damn thing. The essay was due Monday morning but you waited until Sunday night at about 9:30 PM or later to sit down and pull the assignment out of your notebook. You did think about the assignment during the week and on Friday night you didn't enjoy the party, the beer or the company of your friends as much as you wanted to because you had this anxiety, this creeping suspicion that there was an important school assignment waiting to ambush you when you arrived home. You swore then that you would lock yourself in your room on Saturday until it was finished. You awoke Sunday morning (What happened to Saturday?) feeling like death and facing the real possibility that you might not be able to finish the essay on time. You loitered through breakfast, read the comics, and even started to read the newspaper article about a new cure for some disease with the Latin name estudiantis procrastinamythis. With a groan you rose, shuffled into your room, locked the door and sat down to work. You cleaned your room. You opened the door just wide enough for you to to hear the Raider game your mother was watching in the living room. You needed a break so you took the dog for a long walk. When you returned home, dinner was waiting for you. You ate slowly. You re-read the article on estudiantis procrastinamythis . After you ate four cookies and helped with the dishes (a very rare event) you retired to your room, determined to have the essay finished in time for you to watch The X Files. You browsed through two or three old issues of People magazine looking for ideas. You tore a piece of paper out of your notebook, coughed, licked the end of the pencil, then began to think and write at the same time.


生活费的英文:living expensescost of living参考例句:The increased cost of living posed many problems.生活费的增加引起许多问题。A means of livelihood;maintenance.生活费生活来源;供养费His father cut off the supply.他父
生活的意义的英文:meaning of life参考例句:He becomes more appreciative of the meaning of life and its permanent spiritual values他们对生活的意义和它永恒的精神价值变得更具欣赏力了。Our willingness to take risks and trust
毫无置疑的英文:beyond doubt; without question; out of questionbeyond是什么意思:prep. 那一边;在...较远的一边;超过;越过adv. 在远处;在更远处n. 更远处;来世Beyond the scope越出范围 Beyond the seas在国外,在海外Beyond gainsay, it is a
毫无疑问的英文:certaintywithout a doubt参考例句:There is no doubt that the Qing Dynasty postdates the Ming Dynasty. 毫无疑问,清朝继明朝之后。 She was surely the most distinguished queen consort we have