I walked to the Ministry of the Interior. I waited in another queue. I spoke to another official. I asked for an Identity Card. 'Fill in this application form,' the official said. 'And bring the form and three photographs of yourself and two dollars. Come back tomorrow.' 'Tomorrow?' I said. 'Can I have an Identity Card today, please? I live in Minta. I live five hours' journey from Darpur. I'm an old man.' 'Yes, come back tomorrow.' And the official turned away. I walked away from the Ministry of the Interior. I walked to the market. At the market I looked at everyone. I was looking for a man from my village. But I could not find a villager. So then I walked to the shop of Rick. I spoke to Rick. 'I want an Identity Card,' I told him. 'But I need three photographs of myself.' 'I see. You need some photographs.' And he showed me the way to a photographer. I found the house. The photographer was asleep but he came to me quickly. The man's clothes were dirty and he looked tired. 'I need an Identity Card,' I said. 'I want three photographs of myself.' 'Yes, you want three photographs of yourself,' the photographer replied. 'And I take very good photographs. Come and see my camera.' We walked into his room. In the middle of the room was a large camera. 'This is the best camera in Darpur. This camera is very, very good,' the photographer said proudly. 'I've never seen a camera,' I said. 'I don't know about cameras. Hurry up and take a photograph of me.' 'Please do not hurry me, old man,' the photographer said. 'I am an artist.' And he gave me a mirror and a comb. 'I don't want a mirror, I don't want a comb. Please take my photograph. I'm going to Minta this afternoon. And I'm in a hurry,' I said. 'Yes,' he said. 'But first the price. This is the best camera in Darpur and I'm the best photographer. Three photographs will cost you two dollars fifty.' 'Two dollars fifty!' And I laughed. 'Two dollars fifty - and pay me now please,' the photographer answered. I did not know the price of photographs. What could I do? Then the photographer said, 'You are an old man. For you, the price is two dollars.' So I gave him the money and he took the photographs. 'Come back tomorrow morning,' he said. 'I want my three photographs now, immediately,' I said. 'Don't be stupid,' the photographer said. 'Photographs take twenty-four hours. Come back tomorrow.' What could I do? So I said, 'Yes. Tomorrow morning.' 'Good,' said the photographer. 'Now go. I have a lot of work. I'm very busy.' I went back to the bus station. I sat on the bus for three hours. I walked ten miles back to my village. It was night time and I was very tired. Martha and my friends were waiting for me. 'Where is the money?' Martha asked. 'I have no money. I cannot change the money order. First I must have an Identity Card.' And I told Martha everything. 'Tomorrow I am going to Darpur again,' I said. Then I did not talk again. I was very tired and it was late at night. I lay on my bed and I slept.