Remarks of President Barack Obama as Delivered
Weekly Address
The White House
October 15, 2016
Hi everybody. On Thursday, I traveled to Pittsburgh for the White House Frontiers Conference, where some of America's leading minds came together to talk about how we can empower our people through science to lead our communities, our country, and our world into tomorrow. 大家好。周四,我来到匹兹堡参加白宫新领域大会,一些美国领袖智囊此会,齐聚讨论如何让我们的人民通过科学领导未来的社区、国家乃至世界。 Plus, we had some fun. I had a chance to fly a space flight simulator where I docked a capsule on the International Space Station. I met a young man who'd been paralyzed for more than a decade - but thanks to breakthrough brain implants, today, he can not only move a prosthetic arm, but actually feel with the fingers. 还有,我们也享受了很多快乐。我有幸驾驶空间飞行模拟器与国际空间站的一个舱对接。我遇到了一个患了十年残疾的年轻人—多亏了脑移植的突破,现在,他不仅能移动义肢,而且手指也有触觉了。 It's awe-inspiring stuff. And it shows how investing in science and technology spurs our country towards new jobs and new industries; new discoveries that improve and save lives. That's always been our country's story, from a Founding Father with an idea to fly a kite in a thunderstorm, to the women who solved the equations to take us into space, to the engineers who brought us the internet. Innovation is in our DNA. And today, we need it more than ever to solve the challenges we face. Only through science can we cure diseases, and save the only planet we've got, and ensure that America keeps its competitive advantages as the world's most innovative economy. 这是一个极大鼓舞。它示范了如何投资于科学技术刺激我们的经济创造新工作和新行业;改善和拯救生命的新发现。这永远都是我们国家的故事,从我们的国父设想用风筝探索雷达,到那位女士借口了我们进入太空的方程式,到工程师们把我们带到网络世界。创新是我们的DNA。今天,我们比以往更需要解决面对的挑战。只有通过科学我们才能治愈疾病,拯救我们唯一的星球,确保美国保持世界上最具创新力的经济体的竞争优势。 That's why it's so backward when some folks choose to stick their heads in the sand about basic scientific facts. It's not just that they're saying that climate change a hoax or trotting out a snowball on the Senate floor. It's that they're also doing everything they can to gut funding for research and development, the kinds of investments that brought us breakthroughs like GPS, and MRIs, and put Siri on our smartphones. 这就是为什么,有些人面对科学事实把头埋在沙子里就是逆历史潮流。不仅仅是他们说气候变化是个骗局或在参议院的底板上滚雪球。而是他们还不遗余力地削减研发投资,给我们带来类似GPS、核磁共振和我们的智能手机上的Siri浏览器等方面的研发。 That's not who we are. Remember, sixty years ago, when the Russians beat us into space, we didn't deny Sputnik was up there. We didn't haggle over the facts or shrink our R&D budget. No, we built a space program almost overnight and beat them to the moon. And then we kept going, becoming the first country to take an up-close look at every planet in the solar system, too. That's who we are. 我们不是这类人。请记住,60年前,当俄国人在太空击败我们时,我们没有否认卫星存在。我们没有就事实争论不休或削减研发预算。没有,我们几乎在一夜间打造了一个空间项目,并且在月球击败了他们。然后我们继续前进,又成了第一个近距观察太阳系每个行星的第一个国家。我们是这类人。 And that's why, in my first inaugural address, I vowed to return science to its rightful place. It's why in our first few months, we made the largest single investment in basic research in our history. And it's why, over the last eight years, we've modernized the government's approach to innovation for the 21st Century. We've jumpstarted a clean energy revolution and unleashed the potential of precision medicine. We've partnered with the private sector and academia, and launched moonshots for cancer, brain research, and solar energy. We've harnessed big data to foster social innovation and invested in STEM education and computer science so that every young person - no matter where they come from or what they look like - can reach their potential and help us win the future. 这就是为什么,在我的首任就职演讲中,我发誓就科学摆在其应在的位置。这就是为什么在最初几个月,我们投入了历史上最大单笔投资用于基础研究。这就是为什么,在过去的8年里,我们使政府引领21世纪创新的途径现代化了。我们快速启动了清洁能源革命、释放了精确医疗的潜能。我们与私有板块和学术界合作,发起了治疗癌症、大脑研究和太阳能开发的登月项目。我们利用大数据培养社会在科学、技术、工程和数学(STEM)教育和计算机科学方面的创新发明、这样我们的每个年轻人—无论他们来自何方或长相如何—都能发挥他们的潜能帮助我们赢得未来。 That's what this is about - making sure that America is the nation that leads the world into the next frontier. And that's why I've been so committed to science and innovation - because I'll always believe that with the right investments, and the brilliance and ingenuity of the American people, there's nothing we cannot do. 这就是它的全部意义—确保美国是领导世界进入下一个新领域的国家。这就是为什么我一直致力于科学和创新—因为我永远相信有了正确的投资,有了美国人民的智慧和天赋,我们无所不能。 Thanks everybody. Have a great weekend. 谢谢各位。周末快乐。 [视频]奥巴马每周演讲:确保美国引领世界开拓新边疆 感谢爱思网友刘浩男提供中文翻译