"Hello, Mr. Patel. My name is Tomohiro Okamoto. I am from the Maritime Department in the Japanese Ministry of Transport. This is my assistant, Atsuro Chiba. We have come to see you about the sinking of the ship Tsimtsum, of which you were a passenger. Would it be possible to talk to you now?" "Yes, of course." "Thank you. It is very kind of you. [translation]Now, Atsuro-kun, you're new at this, so pay attention and see to learn." "Yes, Okamoto-san." "Is the tape recorder on?" "Yes it is." "Good. Oh I'm so tired! For the record, today is February 19th, 1978. Case file number 250663, concerning the disappearance of the cargo ship Tsimtsum.[/translation] Are you comfortable, Mr. Patel?" "Yes, I am. Thank you. And you?" "We are very comfortable." "You've come all the way from Tokyo?" "We were in Long Beach, California. We drove down." "Did you have a good trip?" "We had a wonderful trip. It was a beautiful drive." "I had a terrible trip." "Yes, we spoke to the police before coming here and we saw the lifeboat." "I'm a little hungry." "Would you like a cookie?" "Oh, yes!" "Here you go." "Thank you!" "You're welcome. It's only a cookie. Now, Mr. Patel, we were wondering if you could tell us what happened to you, with as much detail as possible." "Yes. I'd be happy to."