Jessica在北京学汉语,她的中国朋友要是遇到了不知道用美语怎么说的词,就会来请教她。今天是方方要问的:及时行乐 Jessica: Fangfang, how was your date last night? I heard he was quite a looker! FF: 唉,怎么说呢...这男生长得是不错,可是话不投机! 我说我爱游泳,他说小心被淹,我说我爱旅游,他说旅游就是花钱买罪受! Jessica: Really? He's a Debbie downer! FF: Debbie? 他不叫Debbie. Jessica: No, Debbie downer refers to those who are so negative and always bring down the mood of other people. FF: 我明白了,说一个人特消极,老说丧气话打击别人,就可以用Debbie downer. My date from last night was such a Debbie downer that I went home with a heavy heart! Jessica: That was no fun! We shouldn't let a Debbie downer ruin our high spirits. FF: 就是的! 我还是喜欢积极向上,阳光型的! 这种人用美语又怎么说呢? Jessica: You can say he has a sunny personality. FF: 嗯! I want to go out with a man who has a sunny personality. He can cheer me up when I'm moody. Jessica: I used to date a guy like that! He is the most positive person I've ever known and he always seems so contend. FF: 可以想像。对人生要求不多,只要及时行乐,这就是我的理想男友的标准! 那及时行乐又怎么说呢? Jessica: We say "eat, drink and be merry." FF: Eat, drink and be merry. 吃,喝,快快乐乐。Gosh! This is my motto in life! Jessica: It is mine, too! FF:今天我们学了:阴沉丧气的人是Debbie downer, 阳光向上的性格是sunny personality, 及时行乐则是to eat, drink and be merry.