People who want to have the experience of helicopter hailing through a click can try the service offered by a ride-hailing app operated by taxi-hailing company Didi Kuaidi. Though operating only two routes, the APEC air travel and Beijing-Tianjin route, the company has received bookings from over 10,000 customers in just one day. 滴滴快的旗下的打车软件新推出“一键叫飞机”服务供感兴趣的人们尝试。虽然目前只开通北京APEC空中游和“北京-天津”游两条航线,但一天内就有超万人预订。 据介绍,"一键叫飞机"由价值3500万的 Bell-407 直升机和价值7800万的Bell-429直升机提供服务,顾客多数是年龄在20-40岁之间的网民,APEC 空中游每人1999元,"北京-天津"游每人3500元。体验用户将被免费接送(free pick-up)至直升机停机坪 (helipad),每人享有额度300万元的保险 (each is covered with a RMB3m insurance)。 专家称,目前国内低空空域 (low-altitude airspace)还未放开,因此,"打飞的"常态化(normalization)不可为。这次试水的"一键叫飞机"服务实为预约观光直升机服务 (helicopter sightseeing),我国距离"打飞的"通勤 (commuting)还有很长距离。