1. Your friend has been offered a job that's far away from his hometown. Do you think he should take it or not? Give specific reasons and details to support your response. 2. Do you agree or disagree that teachers should encourage students to have class discussions during class? Give specific reasons and details in your response. Task 3 Reading: Announcement: The school is planning to set quiet time at 10:00 pm in the student dorms Reason 1: cut down noise made my students Reason 2: reduce conflicts between student Listening: Woman agrees with the policy Reason 1: it can reduce the noise in the dorms. She has to study in the library now because the dorm is too noisy with all the parties going on. If this policy goes through, she can get things done in the dorms. And students can go to bed earlier, and get ready for early classes. Reason 2: her friend had some arguments with her roommate because her roommate always listen to music at a high volume, she complained but the roommate won’t turn it down. It will make student’s life easier if University make the new plan a reality. Task 4 Term: Impact Bias Definition: people have inaccurate expectations of the impact certain event will have on them. Both the intensity and how long it would last Lecture: The professors daughter wanted to apply to this University because her best friends are applying and the University’s got a great educational program. She thought he life will be ruined if she didn’t get it. It turns out she wasn’t accepted. She got very upset about it. But she was busy taking care of her high school graduation and planning her summer vacation. Pretty soon she forgot about her misfortune of being rejected by the school, and move on with her life. Task 5 Problem: the man is invited to go to a conference in NYC with the professor he’s been working with, but only hotel will be covered, he will have to pay for transportation himself. Solution 1: he can buy a flight ticket and fly to NYC Pro: meet people, opportunity to learn, more time to be prepared for presentation Con: expensive Solution 2: take the train to NYC Pro: save some money Con: train ride takes one day, he will miss an important class Task 6 The professor talks about how animals that doesn’t live underwater do to stay under the water. The first way is to reduce movement in order to save oxygen. For example, alligators hunt under water by staying very still, basically no movement. In doing so, it can cut down heart rate, therefore cut down the need for more oxygen. The second way is to minimize the time spent under water. For example, brown pelican dives down to catch fish in the water. It doesn’t go to deep, and it has air sacks that open when in the water. That will help the pelican to get back to the surface as fast as possible for oxygen.