Task 1 Describe a recent celebration or event. Explain why people had a great time. Task 2 Agree or Disagree. Parents are children’s most important teachers. Task 3 Proposal: create a study lounge at the Humanities Building R1: philosophy and literature students could have a place to relax between classes, R2: provide a place for group assignment and project. Man (literature students) agrees R1: Most of their classes take place in this building, they have a 30min interval between classes, it takes 10min to get to the library and 10min to get back, with this study lounge, they could do some meaningful things; R2: Student would have somewhere to discuss right after the class the content that covered in the class. Like last time, during the Shakespeare course, he wanted to discuss Hamlet with his classmate. They had nowhere to go, so they actually stood in the cold while talking, it was really inconvenient. Task 4 Term: ____ Framing Definition: Consumer’s opinion about a product is altered after-the-fact by advertisement. (The advertisement could exert positive effect on consumers.) Lecture: Volunteers were asked to taste a gourmet coffee, but the researchers added some salt and vinegar into it so they were certain, the coffee wouldn’t taste good. After that, they showed these volunteers some advertisement of this coffee, in the add people were enjoying the coffee and having a good time. So then when asked how would they describe the coffee, people said it was “delicious” and they “liked it”. Task 5 Problem: the man has a painting due next week, but the painting is so big, he has run out of the specific kind of paint he uses; Solution 1: order it online Pro: he remembers the manufacturer’s name, Con: the shipment would take 5 days to get delivered, Solution 2: take the bus to the store where he originally bought the paint, Pro: takes only 1 day to get the paint he needs, Con: change buses two times, he has a lot of stuff on his hands right now Task 6 Two ways that animal molting helps them to survive Animals could change into the coat that is suitable to the weather e.g. mountain hare (Europe), they have thin and short coat in summer when the weather is warm, then they shed the lighter coat to change into their winter coat, with the hairs twice as long and much thicker to prevent the cold; Change the color of their coat to protect themselves form predator e.g. North America weasel, they have brown coat for the summer season, but when winter comes, and there is usually snow on the ground, they molt and change into white color, this helps them to blend in with the environment.