Carol Tells Bob the Good News
1. Your wife's cookies are selling like hotcakes [热销]!
2. We've sold out all the cookies. I need more right away. Bring me another 1,000 cookies by tomorrow at 9 a.m.
3. That's a tall order [difficult task], Carol.
4. Don't blow it, Bob! Susan's Scrumptious Cookies could really take off [become popular; grow suddenly ].
5. Bake all night if you have to. Burn the midnight oil [开夜车]! If you work hard now, you'll be sitting pretty [成功(esp. 经济方面)] in a few years.
6. Rest assured [放心] that I'll do my best to deliver the goods [交货; 履行职责/诺言].
7. Let's stop the chitchat. You've got work to do!