101. The president and vice president are the only public officials in the United States choose in a nationwide election, which takes place every four years. 答案:A 分析及考点:词性误用,应该改成chosen,过去分词修饰public officials 参考译文:在美国,总统和副总统是仅有的通过全国选举产生的公众官员,他们的任期是4年。 102. Derived from the concept of natural law is the theoretical that individuals possess inalienable natural rights, as stated in the United States Declaration of Independence. 答案:B 分析及考点:词性误用,改成名词theory.这个句子是倒装。 参考译文:在美国独立宣言中声明的人生来就拥有不可剥夺的权利的理论是从自然规律中获得的。 103. The United States national debt was relatively small until the Second World War, during when it grew from $43 billion to $259 billion in just five years. 答案:C 分析及考点:定语从句中,介词后面只能加which. 参考译文:美国国债相对比较少直到第二次世界大战,在二战期间,仅仅5年内国债就从43亿涨到259亿。 104. Brass is stronger than either the copper and zinc of which it is composed. 答案:B 分析及考点:连词误用。Either….or …固定搭配,组成对称结构。 参考译文:黄铜比组成它的铜或锌都要强硬。 105. In the traditional sense, a molecule is smallest particle of a chemical substance capable of independent existence while retaining all of its chemical properties. 答案:A 分析及考点:冠词使用,形容词的最高级前面要加the.特殊情况除外,如前面出现所有格限定词her, his等等。参见110题 参考译文:通常理解,化学物质中能够单独存在并保持其特性的,分子是最小颗粒, 106. The able of a clarinet to blend and contrast with other instruments makes it popular for chamber music and as a solo instrument. 答案:A 分析及考点:词性误用,改成ability 参考译文:黑管混合和对照其他乐器的能力,使得它在室内乐里很受欢迎,并成为一个独奏乐器。 107. Phenotypic traits, such as size or skin color, result to the interaction between an organism's genetic makeup and the environment in which the organism develops. 答案:A 分析及考点:介词误用。根据语义改成from 参考译文:生物表面的一些特点,例如大小和皮肤颜色,是由生物遗传结构和它生长的环境相互作用而造成的。 108. To classical scholar, rhetoric was important in three spheres of human interaction: in law courts, in legislative assemblies, and in public forums. 答案:A 分析及考点:可数名词单复数问题。改成scholars 参考译文:对正统的学者来讲,花言巧语在人类交流中三个方面法庭辩论,立法汇编和公众讨论中比较重要。 109. The stark, boxy forms of European modernist architectural dominated United States cityscapes in the building boom following the Second World War. 答案:B 分析及考点:词性的混用,这样应该用名词。Architecture 参考译文:在二战之后的美国建房盖楼的风潮中,刻板、方块的欧洲现代建筑框架结构占据了美国的城市风景。 110. Subjects of Cecilia Beaux's paintings included prominent figures in government, the arts, and financial, but her strongest works are portraits of family members and friends. 答案:B 分析及考点:词性误用。改成名词性finance 参考译文:Cecilia Beaux绘画的主题包括著名的政治人物,艺术家和金融家,但她最有力的作品却是家庭成员和朋友的肖像。