1.pngAffect or Effect, Advice or Advise, Accept or Except,…是affect还是effect,是advice还是advise,是accept还是except等等。One of the most significant obstacles for English learners is understanding the many words that sound the same when spoken but have entirely different meanings. When reading the words in their written form, it is much easier to understand the difference.对于博亿堂娱乐官网者来说,最大障碍之一是理解许多发音相同但含义完全不同的单词。当阅读书面文字时,理解差异就容易得多了。1. Accept or ExceptAccept还是ExceptTo accept is to receive something given or passed to you.Accept意为接受给予或者递给你的东西。I accept your proposal.我接受你的建议。Except, is an exception, exclusion, something not included.Except表示例外,排除,不包括在内。We are open every day, except for New Years Day.除了新年那天,我们每天都开放。2. Adverse or AverseAdverse 还是 AverseSomething harmful or damaging to a person is considered adverse.Adverse表示对人有害或者对物有害的东西。Breathing in Petrol Fumes is adverse to your health.吸入汽油味对你的健康有害。Averse refers to an intense dislike or opposition to something.Averse指对某事强烈的厌恶或者反对。I am averse to the new Government proposal.我不喜欢新的政府提案。3. Advice or AdviseAdvice 还是AdviseWhen you give someone counsel or a recommendation about what to do this is called, advice.Advice指就某事怎样做给某人提出意见。When I was young, my father gave me some great advice.我小的时候,我父亲给了我一些很好的建议。Advise is similar in meaning to advice but more specific to recommending something.Advise与advice的含义很像,但是指更加具体的建议。The doctor advised me to take this particular medicine for my headache.医生建议我服用这种治头疼的药。4. Affect or EffectAffect 还是 EffectEven native English speakers have problems with this one! When something has been changed or made different, it is an affect.即使是以英语为母语的人有时候也分不清楚affect和effect!Affect指某事发生了改变。What I saw there had an affect on me, now I don’t take my life for granted.我在那看到的对我有影响,现在我不认为一切都理所应该了。The effect is the result or the bringing about of a result.Effect指结果或者结果所带来的影响。The heart transplant had a healing effect.心脏移植有种愈合的效果。5. Aisle or Isle Aisle 还是 IsleAn aisle is a space or passage between the rows of seats.Aisle指一排座位之间的空间或通道。The bride looked beautiful as she walked down the aisle.新娘子沿着走廊走,看上去很美。An isle is usually a smaller island or peninsula.Isle通常指小岛或者是半岛。Located near England is the famous Isle of Man.位于英国附近的是著名的马恩岛。6. All together or AltogetherAll together还是 AltogetherWhen many people or many things are in the same place, they are said to be all together.All together指许多人或者许多东西都在同一地方。They were all together at the party.他们都在那个聚会。Used more in a singular sense, altogether, carries the meaning of something being complete or whole.在某种意义上说,altogether带有完整完全的意思。Mike is altogether more intelligent than the rest of his friends.迈克比他的其他的朋友都聪明。7. Always or All ways Always 还是All waysAlways is like saying every time, all the time.Always指每次,一直。He always arrives late to work.他总是上班迟到。All ways (noun) is rarely used today but means a direction or course that can be followed.All ways现在很少使用,可以指遵循的方向或者过程。All ways lead to the city center.所有的路都通向市中心。8. Along or a longAlong 还是a longWhen something moves horizontally, it is moving along.Along指某物水平移动。The car drove along the highway.汽车沿着公路行驶。Long (a long) is merely a descriptive way to speak about something of significant length with the article ‘a’ in front of it.Long (a long)是一个描述性的词语,把a放在long前面表示某物的长度。Can you get me a long rope from the hardware store?你能给我从五金店买一根长绳子吗?