1.pngIn some cases, it's not easy to know the difference between words that are spelled very similarly. In this post, I will explain the difference between "separate" and "seperate"!在某些情况下,区分拼写非常相似的单词并不容易。本文将解释“separate”和“seperate”的区别!Separate分离Separate can be a verb or adjective.Separate既是动词也是形容词。As a verb, it means to be apart, to make different from one another.Separate作为动词时,意思是分开,使彼此不同。Separate is also an adjective meaning apart, individual, or differentSeparate同时也是一个形容词,意思是分开的,个别的,或不同的。Related forms of the word include separation (noun), separated (past tense verb), separating (continuous verb)[/enSeparate的相关形式包括separation(名词形式)、 separated(过去式)、separating(持续动词)。[en]Examples举例说明:What can we do to separate the two liquids from each other? (verb)我们怎样才能把这两种液体分开呢?(动词)Oh, we use separate bank accounts just to make things clear. That way, there are no questions. (noun)哦,我们使用不同的银行账户让一切明细。那样做的话,就没有问题了。(名词)Can you separate the names right now or are they already in separate lists? (first verb, second noun)你现在能把名字分开还是它们已经在不同的名单上?(第一个 separate是动词,第二个separate是名词)I believe that the separation of powers in our government is crucial to its running smoothly. (noun)我认为,我国政府的权力分立对其顺利运作至关重要。(名词)Seperate分开???This is not a word. This is the incorrectly-spelled form of the word separate. Do not use this word unless you are deliberately trying to spell it wrong.这并不是一个词。这是单词separate不正确的拼写形式。除非是故意拼写错误的,否则不要使用这个词。