ante与anti的区别 对于这两个前缀,记住词汇的意义就是记住这两种拼写的最佳方法啦~ 以ante-开头的词汇: When the meaning is ‘before’ or ‘in front of’, you need to use ante-. It comes from the Latin word ante which has the same meaning.Ante- is used to form words likeantenatal (= before birth) andantechamber (= a small room leading to a bigger one). There aren't very many ‘ante-’ words in general use. Here's a list of the most common ones – note that none of them are hyphenated:当词汇含有“在…以前(before)”或“在…之前(in front of)”的意义时,应该使用ante-。该词来源于同义拉丁词汇ante。ante-常用于形成类似于antenatal(=出生前)以及antechamber(=前厅)的词汇。ante-前缀的使用并不多,以下是一些常用词汇,请注意,这些词汇没有连字符。 antebellum(美国南北)战争前的; antedate先于;   早于 antenatal怀孕期的;   产前 antecedent在前的 antediluvian年迈的人;   老朽 antepenultimate倒数第三音节的 antechamber前厅 antemortem临死前的 anteroom接待室,前厅 Words beginning with anti- 以anti-开头的词汇: When the meaning is ‘against’ or ‘preventing’, you need to useanti-, which comes from the Greek word anti. It's used to form words such as antifreeze (= asubstance that prevents water from freezing) or antidepressant (= a drug used to relieve depression).当词汇含有“反对(against)”或“阻止(preventing)”的意义时,应该使用anti-。该词来源于希腊词汇anti。anti-常用于形成类似于antifreeze(=防冻剂)以及antidepressant(=抗抑郁剂)的词汇。 Words which begin with anti- are sometimes hyphenated, typically when the word following anti- begins with a vowel (e.g. anti-aircraft, anti-inflammatory) and always when the base word begins with a capital letter (e.g., anti-American). 以anti-开头的词汇常有连字符,以元音开头(比如 anti-aircraft(防空)、anti-inflammatory(消炎))或者词干常以大写字母开头(比如anti-American (反美)) There are lots more words beginning with anti- than those that begin with ante-. Some of the most common are:以anti-开头的词汇要多于以ante-开头的词汇,以下是常以anti-开头的词汇: anti-abortion反堕胎 anticlockwise逆时针 anti-hero反英雄 antioxidant抗氧化剂 anti-aircraft防空 anticyclone反气旋 antihistamine抗组胺药 antipathy反感 antibacterial抗菌 antidepressant抗抑郁药