2017年2月4日,在休斯敦火箭队主场与芝加哥公牛队的比赛中场休息时,历史性的一刻到来了,姚明效力于火箭队时穿着的11号球衣高悬于火箭队主场球馆的上空,完成了姚明球衣的退役仪式。 姚明球衣退役 Thank you, thank you, Rockets fans. 谢谢,谢谢,火箭球迷们。 I like to … there are so many thanks I want to send to Rockets, to city of Huston, the community, to Leslie who brought us together, thank you for build this team and this community, thank you very much. 我有太多的感谢想送给火箭,社区和老板莱斯利-亚历山大,是你把我们凝聚在一起,谢谢你打造了这只球队和社区, 非常感谢。 Um, First of all, you know, this is Chinese New Year, I wish everybody happy Chinese New Year, wanshiruyi, which means make your wish come true. 首先,现在是中国的新年,我祝福大家新年快乐,万事如意,意思是希望你的梦想成真。 But when I walk in this room that I saw the number is up there, almost there, that I know my first wish in my year is already gone, because I wish I got a ten days contract. 当我踏进这个球馆看见球衣号码在那里挂着的时候,我想我的愿望不能够实现了,因为我希望能够再获得10天的合同。 Um, but at this moment, I can’t help myself but thinking back when I first met rockets back to 1994 when NBA first time broadcasted in china, that’s when great Dream bring a championship cup back to Huston for the first time. 但这个时候,我情不自禁的回想起我第一次看火箭的比赛是在1994年。那时NBA 第一次在中国转播,同时也是大梦为火箭带来第一个总冠军的时候。 I know, I know many of you, or some of you, today at here, witness that moment just remember there is a kid over ten thousands miles away seeing that too through a TV, that is where my dream started. 我知道,我知道今天在坐的许多人或者有些人见证过那个时刻,同样,在遥远的中国有个孩子通过电视也见证过那个时刻,那就是我梦开始的地方。 Thank you for the memory. Thanks to my coaches Rudy Tomjanovich,Jeff Van Gundy,Rick Adelman. Their effort and their trust on me, make me believe that coming to Houston is my destination. 谢谢你们给我的那些回忆。谢谢我的历任教练们,鲁迪汤姆贾诺维奇,范甘地,里克·阿德尔曼。他们为我付出的努力,他们对我的信任让我相信休斯顿是我命之所归。 The every time when we were ready for the game at that tunnel, ready for getting to the court. It was out that there was so many unknowing maybe a victory, maybe a loss, maybe a career high, maybe a career ending. 曾经,我们站在球员通道入口蓄势待发。而走上球场后,一切有太多的不确定,也许是一场胜利,也许是一场失利,也许能创下生涯新高,也许也会是生涯最后一场比赛。 But no one doubt we will run out there and fight for the city not only because we are the greatest teammates around us, but also we have great fans here. 但是没有人会怀疑我们是否会为了休城的胜利义无反顾,因为我们不仅有最优秀的球员,还有伟大的休城粉丝支持我们。 We were a very passional and young team ten years ago. I believe the Dikembe Mutombo will agree that. Back then, I was chasing Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley in a transition just like two mini tanks draging a huge Boeing 777 plane on a airport. And after that, T-MAC came to the town joining us. Thank you for being here. 10年前,我们年轻又充满激情。我相信穆托姆博也是这么认为的。那会儿,我在转换进攻的时候会追着弗老大和莫布里跑,那场面就好像两辆小坦克拖着一架又大又笨的波音777。之后麦迪来到休城,加入了我们的队伍。谢谢你来到这里。 You know there are so many unknowing, but just remember give the ball to him, when there’s just 35 seconds left. But you know what I tell my neighbor, after that match when I’ve driven home, because he turned off the TV minutes before the game over. I told him that, oh I,T-MAC and I scored 15 points in the last minutes which turned the game around. 比赛中有很多不确定的因素,但你只需要记住,如果比赛只剩下35秒,把球传给麦迪就好了。你知道那场比赛结束后,我回到家后和我的邻居是怎么说的吗?他在比赛还有几分钟的时候关掉了电视。我告诉他,我和麦迪在最后几分钟合砍了15分,逆转了马刺。 Back to locker room Shane Battier always has us bet on the March Madness and uh. . . you know. I’m not from NCAA I don’t know much about it. But luckily I never win the "what the hell am I thinking" award. 那时候在更衣室里,肖恩-巴蒂尔整天拉着我们预测NCAA疯狂三月,啊,你懂得。我没打过大学联赛,所以并不了解。不过幸运的是,每次赌注结果出来之后,我从没有那种"我天我在想什么"的时候。 And how I did it is because I just simply took copy Mr President’s answer from the TV. I mean the last one not this one. I dont’t know about this one, how this one would do. 怎么做到的呢,因为我都从电视上看总统选谁,然后跟着抄就行了。我是说,上一位总统。现在这位我不了解,他选谁我也不知道。 When I just came to town,Houston for me is no different than any other city in United States. But when time passed by, all the faces become into my memory. Friends, teammates, coaches, staff, medias and most important, fans. The fans like Ms and Mr soyle family right there, The supporter for rockets for over decades. Thank you. 我刚来的时候,休斯顿对我来说,和其他美国城市没什么不同。但随着时光流逝,身边一张张面孔印入脑海。朋友、队友、教练、制服组、媒体,最重要的,球迷。比如坐在那的索伊尔家族的球迷们,几十年来一直支持着火箭。谢谢你们。 Remember this. The Houston from now on for me is not just simply a word. Every time they mention it, your faces were in my memory, in my brain. 记住。休斯顿三字于我,已不只是一个简单的词语。每次他们说起这个词,你们大家的音容笑貌,便会在我记忆中、脑海中浮现。 I would like to share a story with everybody to control my speech. That’s at my uh. . . rookie season. About the same time during the year. It’s my first Chinese New Year for me and my family spent overseas outside my country. Well, I was tricked to a locker room in Compaq Center. 我想和大家讲个故事。那是我...新秀赛季。那年的现在这个时节。是我和家人第一次在海外、在异国过年。我被骗到康柏中心的一个更衣室(火箭当时主场)。 All my teammates, CD, and coach staffs were waiting there. Stephen, you there, too. They wished me a "Happy new year". Everyone of those and gave me those red envelopes. That’s according to our tradictions in Chinese. 所有的队友,总经理道森,教练和工作人员 在那里等我。史蒂芬,你也在那儿。他们祝我新年快乐。每个人都给了我红包。这是我们中国的习俗。 Well, thanks for doing that to make me home over here that year. But I checked the red envelop there were only 2 dollars in there. So, I talked to CD. I say: CD, you did well put at least 10 dollars instead of 2. And CD came back to me and said you know we have salary cap, right? 谢谢你们为我做的一切,让我感觉像在家一样。等我打开那个红包,里面只有2美元。我和道森说。我说:道森,你至少也应该放10美元在里面吧。道森跟我说你知道我们有工资帽不能乱花钱嘛? I still have one of those 2 dollars in my pocket. And I carried it since then. Because I know, because I know where I go and how far I go. As long as that bill in my pocket, the home is with me. Thank you, thank you for the journey. Thank you. 我把这红包里的其中1美元放在口袋里。让从那时起,我就一直带着它。因为我知道去论去哪,无论走多远。只要带着那一美元,家就在我身边。谢谢,感谢大家的一路陪伴。谢谢!