1.pngAccusations of hypocrisy have emerged against Scarlett Johansson, who blasted James Franco in a speech despite previously defending Woody Allen and saying that child abuse allegations against the director were 'all guesswork'.寡姐斯嘉丽·约翰逊最近屡屡被控是个小人,之前她在一次演说中严厉斥责詹姆斯·弗兰科,却维护了伍迪·艾伦,还说关于艾伦性虐待儿童的指控“不过是猜测”。'I want my pin back, by the way,' Johansson said on Saturday, referencing the Time's Up pin Franco wore at the Golden Globe Awards on January 7, inspiring five accusers to come forward charging him as a hypocrite.“顺便把我胸针还回来成吗。”寡姐在周六的演讲中说。她指的是1月7日金球奖中弗兰科佩戴的Time's Up胸针,寡姐还鼓动五名指控者指认弗兰科是小人。Yet the accusation of hypocrisy was quickly flipped against Johansson, who was considered something of a muse to Allen, starring in his 2005 film Match Point, 2006's Scoop, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona in 2014.但是指控对象很快变成了寡姐本人,大家都说她是艾伦的御用女主角,出演过艾伦2005年的《赛末点》、2006年的《独家新闻》和2014年的《午夜巴塞罗那》。She has lavished praise on the director, saying of him in 2007: 'I'd sew the hems of his pants if he asked me to'.寡姐曾对艾伦赞不绝口,2007年说:“要是艾伦需要,我愿意为他缝补衣裳。”A month after Allen's estranged daughter Dylan Farrow penned an open letter accusing him of sexual abuse in 2014, Johansson told the Guardian: 'It's not like this is somebody that's been prosecuted and found guilty of something, and you can then go, "I don't support this lifestyle or whatever." I mean, it's all guesswork.'2014年,艾伦的养女迪莲·费瑞在公开信中指控艾伦性虐待,一个月后,寡姐向《卫报》说:“这种事儿不是起诉一个人然后他就有罪了。”“对这种方式我是不支持的”“都是猜测而已”。'I don't know anything about it. It would be ridiculous for me to make any kind of assumption one way or the other,' Johansson said of Farrow's allegations against Allen.“我对这件事一点儿都不知情,也没办法做出任何一种假设,要是我能假设出什么来才真是荒唐了。”寡姐对费瑞艾伦的指控事件这样评价。She even lashed out at Farrow for pointing a finger at actresses, including Johansson, who have appeared in Allen's films.寡姐还怒斥费瑞手指女演员的行为,当时费瑞也出演了艾伦的电影。Allen has strongly denied the allegations from his adopted daughter Farrow, 32, who publicly claimed he sexually abused when she was seven years old.艾伦养女费瑞今年32岁,公开表示艾伦在她七岁的时候对她进行了性侵,艾伦表示坚决否认。Johansson has never appeared in a film with Franco, who has denied all of the allegations against him.寡姐从未和弗兰科在电影中合作,弗兰科否认了对他所有的指控。Her apparent double standard drew heavy fan backlash following her speech on Saturday.寡姐的双标行为在周六的演讲后引发了粉丝强烈的抵制。'Funny how Scarlett Johansson called out James Franco (accused by adult women). Yet Scarlett herself was called out by CHILD molestation victim Dylan Farrow for working with Woody Allen time after time. Then she ATTACKED the VICTIM,' wrote one Twitter user.有人在推特上写道:“寡姐嚷出弗兰科真是搞笑了(弗兰科是被成年女性控告),她自己还被儿童性骚扰受害者费瑞点名了呢,和艾伦合作了一次又一次。她攻击了受害者。”'Scarlett Johansson is a disgrace calling James Franco out like that. Innocent until proven guilty. Wonder how you felt when you starred in all that Woody Allen film all those years ago?' another said.“寡姐点出弗兰科的方式太没礼貌了。定罪之前都是无罪的。不知道寡姐和艾伦若干年前刚开始合作是什么感觉。'My mind baffles. How could a person publicly stand by an organization that helps to provide support for victims of sexual assault while privately preying on people who have no power?' Johansson said in the speech.寡姐在演讲中说:“我不明白。怎么会有人既能公开支持帮助性侵受害者的组织,又能迫害手无寸铁的人呢?”'And suddenly I was 19 again, and I started to remember all the men I'd known who'd taken advantage of the fact that I was a young woman who didn't yet have the tools to say no, or to understand the value of my own self worth,' said Johansson, now 33.今年33岁的寡姐说:“然后到19岁的时候,我突然记起以前有很多男人因为我年轻,还没有拒绝的能力,也对自己的价值一无所知的时候,总是借机做点什么,我记得每一个这样做的人。”It gives me hope that we are moving towards a place where our sense of equality can truly come from within ourselves,' she said.“我在这场活动中看到了希望,我们都在前进,我们的前方是来自自身的平等。”