What things can you do in the UK that you cannot in the USA?有什么事你在英国可以做,在美国却不可以做?获得827好评的答案@Ernest W. AdamsEat real haggis. The stuff they sell in the USA isn't real.吃正宗的羊杂碎布丁,美国卖的一点也不正宗。Drive on the left.靠左行驶。Drink at 18. If the British tried to raise the drinking age to 21 the streets would be awash in the blood of dead politicians.在18岁饮酒。如果英国把允许喝酒的年龄提高到21岁的话,大街上会因为政客之死而血流成河的。Get health care free at the source without ever worrying about whether you can pay the bill.从一出生就享受免费医疗,完全不用担心自己能不能付得起医药费。Watch TV without commercials.看没有广告的电视节目。Be graceful and courteous without someone assuming that means you're a wimp.仪表堂堂,文质彬彬,却没有人会怀疑你是个窝囊废。Listen to incredibly erudite and detailed discussions about gardening on the radio.在广播里听到非常专业详细的关于园艺的讨论。Live in a house that was there before Columbus reached the New World.住在一栋在哥伦布达到新大陆前就有的房子里。Marry someone of a different race without anybody finding it odd.和不同种族的人结婚,却不会有人觉得很奇怪。Be black without fearing that the police will shoot you.虽然是黑人,却不用担心有警察会朝你开枪。Use rhyming slang.用押韵的俚语。Visit buildings constructed by the Romans.参观罗马人建造的建筑物。Sleep in a real castle.在真正的城堡里睡觉。获得201好评的答案@Ruth AlboroughSay 'Bloody hell' and not sound like a twat.说“我的天哪”,听起来却不像娘娘腔。获得282好评的答案@Matthew Lawrence ChestertonSwim to France.游泳去法国。获得166好评的答案@Dan BradyGo for years without ever seeing a gun, anywhere (TV and films not included)不管在哪里,好多年都不会见到枪(电视电影里的不算)。Not see many Canadians or Mexicans遇不到很多加拿大人或墨西哥人。获得147好评的答案@Thomas FosterWatch the Australian cricket team lose.看澳大利亚板球队输掉比赛。获得109好评的答案@Julia HarrisonGo on holiday to Cuba.去古巴度假。Come back again.还能回得来。