1.pngA pilot was on cloud nine when he drew this giant smiley face in the sky - using vapour from his plane’s exhaust.一名飞行员用飞机排放的蒸汽在天空中画了一个巨大的笑脸后,非常欣喜。Mark Lloyd spotted the huge grin floating above Cambridge after the skilled sky writing pilot flew overhead.这位飞行员从空中飞过,用精湛的空中飞行技术画下了这个笑脸后,马克·劳埃德在剑桥上空发现了这个巨大的笑脸。He posted pictures of the huge grin online, describing it as a “nice start to 2018”.他将这张笑脸的照片发布在网上,称它为“2018年的良好开端”。Mark added: “The big smile in a perfect blue sky delighted my kids and was a cheery start to 2018.”马克补充道:“在湛蓝的天空的陪衬下,这个大笑脸让孩子们很开心,真是2018年愉快的开始。”It’s not the first time the "smiley face pilot" has brought an uplifting message to Cambridge’s skies.这位“笑脸飞行员”已经不是第一次在剑桥的空中给人们带来令人振奋的笑脸了。In August last year the sky writer brought “joy” to one resident as she watched him draw out a face above her.去年八月,一位女士看着这名飞行员在空中画了一个笑脸,飞行员把“欢乐”带给了她。Just two months earlier the trademark giant smirk made one spotter feel like “even the sky is asking us to smile” .两个月前,一位目击者看到这个标志性的巨大笑脸,觉得“天空似乎在呼吁我们微笑”。While in February one mother was captivated by the “cool” loop the loop acrobatics of the daring pilot.二月,一位母亲被这位大胆的飞行员的特技表演迷住了。