1.pngHere’s another reason to get serious about saving — it’s a new year. Although the occasion isn’t going to turn us into smart savers, it sure is a good reminder. We all have our own methods of dealing with money, but here are a couple of saving tricks that will grow your money:又有一个原因让你认真地考虑储蓄问题了,那就是新的一年开始了。尽管不能利用这个机会让你变成聪明的储户,它也很好地提醒了我们存钱的重要性。我们都有自己的理财方法,但这里有些省钱技巧可以让你“钱生钱”:The top-down view: Instead of skimping here and there, take the top-down approach to saving money. Basically what you need to do is figure out your biggest expenses, then brainstorm ways to save and tackle the biggest expenses first.1.从大处着手:与其从小处抠钱节省,不如从大的方面开始存钱。基本上你需要做的就是找出最大的开支,然后想办法如何从这笔最大的开支中省出钱来。The $5 jar: Instead of the ole change jar, have a $5 savings jar. Whenever you have $5 in hand, drop it in the jar. You’ll see your savings accumulate more quickly with fivers than with just coins.2.有5美元就存。与通常存零钱不同,够5美元再存。任何时候只要手上有5美元,就存到罐子里。你会发现财富的积累远比你随意存硬币要快的多。Improve your memory: Studies have shown that training your memory can build up a desire to save since short-term memory is linked to planning for or envisioning the future. A couple of ways to improve your memory include attaching an image to something you want to remember and practicing memorizing it over and over again, and avoiding multitasking.3.提高你的记忆力:有研究表明,训练记忆力可以让你有存钱的欲望,因为短期记忆与规划展望未来有关。增强记忆力的一些方式包括:把想记的东西和图像联系并且反复记忆;不要同时处理多件事。Read a personal finance book: To make dealing with finances really hit home for you, pick up a personal finance book. I recommend Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You to Be Rich ($14). It’s a good book for those in their 20s because it dishes out practical personal finance advice in a fun and easy read.4买一本个人理财书籍:想处理财务问题,你可以买一本个人理财书籍。我推荐Ramit Sethi的《我教你致富》一书(售价14美元)。对于20多岁的人来说,这是一本好书,因为它能把实用的个人理财建议讲得通俗有趣。Let technology aid you: Use web tools to make it easier to budget your money. There are free site that lets you to view all of your accounts in one place and provides budgeting tools that help determine where it would be easiest to cut spending. Consider downloading apps that’ll help you save. There are even apps that will save you money on gas and let you text for free.5.使用高科技:网络工具可以让你更方便做出预算。有些免费网站可以让你在一个地方查你所有的账号,并提供预算工具帮你确定最简单的削减开支的方法。考虑下载应用程序帮你省钱。Automating: The best way to make sure you’re saving enough is to automatically put a chunk of your money into your savings and retirement accounts every month. It’s generally better than relying on your willpower. If you’re already automating, try to increase the amount by five percent.6.自动存钱:确保你攒够钱的最好方式是每月自动往储蓄账户和退休帐户转一大笔钱。通常来说,这个方法好于依靠意志力来存钱的方式。如果你已经自动转账存钱了,试着增加百分之五的储蓄量。