1.pngChina’s social media platform WeChat was abuzz with people posting photographs of themselves aged 18, on Saturday and Sunday. The trend showed many Chinese readying themselves for 2018 in nostalgic mood.周六和周日,在中国社交媒体平台微信的朋友圈中人们纷纷晒出自己18岁的照片。这一趋势显示,许多中国人对2018年的怀旧情绪有所准备。But why 18?但是为什么是18岁呢?On Sunday, even the youngest members of China’s post-90s generation - those born on Dec 31, 1999 - will turn 18 and reach adulthood in China.因为周日即使是中国90后出生的最年轻成员-出生于1999年12月31日-也将年满18岁,在中国长大成人。For many, this milestone suggests a generational shift.对许多人来说,这一里程碑意味着一代人的转变。Now the stage has been set for the post-00s generation, said an Internet user.一位网友说:“现在这个舞台已经为00后的一代了。”For many, posting the old photos was not just a coming-of-age party for the post-90s generation, but an occasion to lament the passing of time. "I was young and chubby. Now I am old and thin. I would rather exchange the lost weight for the lost time," said one wistful WeChat user.对许多人来说,上传旧照片不仅仅是90后的成长派对,更是对时光流逝的感叹。“我年轻又胖。现在我又老又瘦。我宁愿把失去的时间用减少的体重补上,”一位怀旧的微信用户说道。