1.pngI am eighteen years old, his hair was long and,那年我十八岁,微长的头发,The front block part of the eye also dyed in grape,前面挡住眼睛的部分还染成葡萄色,Red lips like with lipstick,红红的嘴唇像染了口红一样,Introverted personality is a little bit always melancholy and moody内向的性格有那么一点点的多愁善感I dress dress more childish,我的着装打扮比较孩子气,Also because of the immature psychological leave a scar,也是因为这种不成熟的心理给自己留下了一道道伤痕,I believe the brainwashing that,我很相信洗脑这个说法,Because at that stage in my mind seventy percent are emotional problems,因为那个阶段我的脑海里有百分之七十的是感情问题,Up to now have amused,现在想起来都觉得好笑,After all, it is in a growth is not mature stage,毕竟那是在一个成长却不成熟的的阶段里,To add another memory为自己添加另一分回忆At the age of eighteen, had no love, but I lived so a person,十八岁,没有恋爱过,只是心里住着那么一个人,A person who you like, just not to be expressed,一个自己喜欢的人,只是没有对人家表白过,Because I am afraid, afraid to say that we can’t even be friends,因为我怕,怕说了我们连朋友都没的做,Only silently put her in the heart,只能默默地的把她放在心里,Every class will give her an SMS chat,每天下课了都会给她发短信聊天,But the topic is very simple, the weekend go clubbing,但话题都是很单纯的,周末了就去泡吧,Such a relationship exists,这样的关系就一直存在着,He also knows I love her, but who also didn’t break the silence,他也知道我喜欢她,可谁也没有打破这份宁静,May we all want to go on,可能我们都希望这样下去吧,This relationship is maintained in this life,这种关系就维持在这样的生活里,Who are not a little wave谁都没有掀起一点的波浪This day has always insisted that I go,这样的日子一直坚持到我去实习,I have to concentrate on the work, and her contact decreases,我把精力放在了工作上,和她的联系也逐渐减少,Even so, but my heart is always concerned about her,即使是这样,可我的内心还是时常牵挂着她,I have tried to put down this care, although the beginning is not used,我曾尝试着放下这种牵挂,虽然刚开始不是很习惯,Crazy, but for a long time there is no,很纠结,可日子久了也没有什么的,Slowly also links,慢慢地也就不联系了,Because our life will appear a lot of every hue,因为我们的生活里还会出现很多形形色色的人,There is always a suitable for their own,总有那么一个适合自己的,Such an outcome I won’t ask myself what a feeling,这样的结局我不会问自己有什么感受,Good bless others.好好的祝福人家吧At the age of eighteen, has the sense of responsibility,十八岁,有了自己的责任感,Life is a planning,人生也该有个规划了,Don’t indulge in the real life,不要再沉迷于那些不现实的生活里,Encourage others don’t forget to encourage myself,鼓励别人的时候也别忘记鼓励下自己,The past is bleak, the passions and don’t want too much,过去的惨淡,喜怒哀乐也别想太多,What kind of future, we do not see,未来是什么样的,我们摸不着也看不见,Cherish the present, effort, struggle,珍惜现在,努力了,奋斗了,Can feel the future is happy,才会感觉的到未来是幸福的,If life is not rough, no rain,如果人生没有坎坷,没有风雨,The rainbow, life is just more than 90000day,那来的彩虹,人生也就那么九万多天,In thirty thousand days, thirty thousand days of struggle,用三万天来学习,用三万天来奋斗,With thirty thousand days to enjoy, I think it is the ideal distribution用三万天来享受,我觉得很有理想的分配I am eighteen years old, because of you, my life is so wonderful我的十八岁,因为有你,我的人生才有那么多的精彩。