1.pngThere is nothing worse than the smell of fast food on public transport after a long day at work.It's not necessarily that someone is eating the food, but the lingering smell that is likely to stink out the entire bus or train carriage.结束漫长的一天工作后,没有比在公共交通上闻到快餐的味道更糟糕的事情了。更不用说吃着食物的人,和那手指上的味道弥漫在整个巴士上或者火车车厢上了。Public transport doesn't smell great anyway, but combine that odour with the rich, calorie-filled flavours of fast food and you have a recipe that will kick up a real stench.公共交通上的味道怎么样来说都不怎么好闻,但是混合着丰富、快餐高热量食物的味道,会刷新你对恶臭味的认识。All fast foods are guilty of this but none more so than fried chicken, which really gets up your nostrils and refuses to leave. , if you live in Japan this annoying occurrence may soon become a thing of the past.所有的快餐食物都有这样的罪行,但是没有什么能和炸鸡抗衡,炸鸡的味道真的会激起你的嗅觉,并且让你不愿意离开,如果你住在日本,这件令人讨厌的事情将会成为过去。According to Sora News 24, KFC Japan has released a new type of low-odour chicken called Friend Chicken Home Type and two pieces will set you back 500 yen (£3.29).据Sora New 24的报道,日本KFC已经发布了一款新的无味道炸鸡,叫做朋友炸鸡,两块炸鸡花费你500日语(3.29英镑)The chicken giants claim that they have perfected a special cooking method which prevents the aroma from making its way into the air.It reportedly has such a low level of odour that you have to press your nose right up against its container to get even the slightest whiff.炸鸡巨头声称他们完美地做出来一个烹饪的新方法,这方法可以阻止气味进入到空气中。报道说,味道浓度很低,低到你不得不压住你的鼻子凑近容器,才能感觉的轻微的味道。Unfortunately, this seems like it could be a very short-lived addition to the KFC menu.Not only is it only available at their outlet in Shinjuku subway station in Tokyo, but that particular branch will close on 31 December.不幸的是,这个无味道的炸鸡要加入到KFC的菜单的机会很小,不仅是这家供应无味道炸鸡的店只在东京的新宿地铁口有,而且这特别的店也会在12月30号关闭。