1.pngIf you ask me what are the things that people should not do no matter how, the first thing that comes to my mind will be to postpone today's business to tomorrow.如果你问我有什么事情时无论如何也不能做的,我能想到的第一件事就是“把今天的事推到明天”。
Nothing should be postponed and nothing can be actually postponed.没有什么事情是应该被拖延的,也没有什么事是可以被真的拖延的。
If you feel the urge to do a thing, that means there is a certain reason for you to do it today. Though maybe you still don't know what the reason is.如果你突然觉得有什么事得做,那说明你的确有今天就做它的理由,虽然你可能还没意识到这个理由是什么。
Every now and then you may get motivated by some inspirational stories.你总会时不时地听到一些发人深省的励志故事。
But chances are high that you haven't really accomplished much although you once felt filled with so much energy to do them.但你很有可能还是什么事都没做成,虽然当初你觉得自己踌躇满志。Because you didn't take any action.因为你并没有采取行动。
What you really need is not any motivation or energy. What you do need is the devotion to take action.你缺的并不是激励,你缺的是行动力。
When you postpone it, you get old.当你拖延的时候,你正在慢慢变老。
There will not always be a tomorrow waiting for you there.明天并不是无穷无尽的。
Your time is ultimately limited.你所拥有的时间最终是有限的。
If you don't take the chance to settle what should be settle today while there is still time, sooner or latter you will find there to be no time for you to settle what you really want to settle.如果你今天不在你还有时间的时候去完成你该完成的事,总有一天你会发现自己已经没有时间去完成想完成的事。
Time is precious. Don't waste it.时间真的很珍贵,别浪费。