1.png“Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give.”—— Eleanor Roosevelt“既然你能从给别人带来快乐中获得更多的快乐,那么你应该好好思考一下你能给予的快乐。”——Eleanor RooseveltOne of the best ways to create a happier life for yourself is to make other people happier.为自己创造更幸福生活的最好方法之一就是让别人更快乐。Why?为什么?You see it. You’ll feel happier as someone’s face lights up with joy.你看他。当有人喜极而泣时,你会感到更快乐。You did a good thing. You’ll feel happier because you feel you have done a good thing. And so your self-esteem shoots up too.你做了件好事。你会感到更快乐,因为你觉得你做了一件好事。所以你的自尊也会上升。You get what you give. In the long run you tend to be treated by others as you treat them. Plus, the way you treat and think about others also tends to be the way you treat and think about yourself.你得到你所付出的。从长远来看,当你对待他们的时候,你往往会受到别人的对待。另外,你对待和思考别人的方式也往往是你对待和思考自己的方式。So how can you make someone happier?那么,怎样才能让人更快乐呢?Here are 24 quite quick things you can start doing today. Pick one and see how it can affect someone in your life.这里有24件你可以从今天开始做的事情。选择一个,看看它是如何影响你生活中的某个人。1:Give a sincere compliment. Many positive things tend to go unsaid. So give someone a sincere compliment today. It can mean especially much if it’s for something that is close to the other person’s heart. Or something he or she has been putting in a good effort with like getting into better shape for the last few months.给予真诚的赞美。许多积极的事情往往没有说出来。所以,今天给别人一个真诚的赞美。如果是为了接近对方心的东西,那就更有意义了。或者是他或她在过去的几个月里一直在努力做得更好的事情。2:Let someone into your lane while you’re driving. It can unstress his or her day quite a bit.当你开车的时候,让某人进入你的车道。它能使他或她的一天不受压力。3:Hold the door open for a few extra seconds. It doesn’t take much of an effort but it can put a smile on someone’s face.把门打开几秒钟。这并不需要花费太多精力,但它能让别人微笑。4:Express your gratitude for what is too often taken for granted. We may sometimes take what others do a bit too much for granted. Like the food they cook, how they keep doing their job consistently each and every day or how to they are there to listen when we need it.对经常被认为是理所当然的事情表达你的感激之情。我们有时会认为别人做的事情是理所当然的。就像他们烹饪的食物一样,他们如何每天坚持自己的工作,或者在我们需要的时候倾听他们的声音。5:Share some of your tasty homemade cookies. Or bread, ice cream or jerky.分享一些你美味的自制饼干。或者面包,冰淇淋或牛肉干。6:Give away a piece of your hobby. Like a bracelet or a drawing you have made for instance.放弃你的一点业余爱好。比如你做过的手镯或画。7:Share some of your fall harvest. For example some jam, canned vegetables or dried delicious mushrooms or fruit.分享你秋天的一些收获。例如一些果酱、罐装蔬菜或可口的蘑菇或水果。8:Encourage. The world can be a tough and discouraging place at times. So encourage someone who is in a negative situation at the moment. Add your own perhaps more grounded and optimistic perspective on the situation to lessen his or her worries and perhaps exaggerated fears.鼓励。世界有时会变得很艰难,令人沮丧。所以鼓励那些目前处于消极状态的人。你可以增加自己的立场和乐观的态度,以减轻他或她的忧虑,也许恐惧只是被夸大了。9:Tell a good – or terrible – joke. Or a funny story about something that happened to you last week.讲一个好或坏的笑话。或者一个关于上周发生在你身上的有趣故事。10:Share something funny you found online. Play one of your favorite clips from a stand-up show you love if you are out of jokes and good stories at the moment.分享你在网上找到的有趣的东西。如果你的笑话和故事都是精彩的,那就在你喜欢的节目中播放你最喜欢的片段。