16 Tough Questions to Ask Before Signing Up
Before you enroll in online classes, take a few minutes to interview the school of your choice. Asking your questions upfront can ensure that the school is a perfect match for you. Once you’ve asked the following questions, as well as a few of your own, you’ll have a pretty good idea about whether or not you want to enroll.
1.Is this school accredited?
By whom? Make sure that your school is accredited by the correct regional association. If it is not properly accredited, your degree may be rejected by the majority of employers.
2. When will it be reviewed for accreditation?
If your school is not accredited, it may be in the process of scheduling a review. Check to see if accreditation is in its future.
3. How much is tuition?
Are there any additional fees or hidden costs? Your tuition should be comparable to that of regular universities, perhaps slightly less. Make sure that you won’t be overcharged or stuck with mandatory fees.
4. What education and experience do your teachers have?
If teachers will be grading your work or leading you in online discussions, it is important that they have the knowledge necessary to do the job. The majority of junior college teachers have at least a M.A degree in the subject they teach, and the majority of university professors have a Ph. D. in their area of expertise. Distance education teachers should have comparable experience.
如果是由老师指导你的学习以及引导你在线讨论,那么,他们是否有做好这份工作的必要知识就是很重要的事情。 大部分的大学教师在自己教学的科目方面都至少有硕士学位,大部分的大学教师在自己的专业领域都有博士学位。远程教学的老师也应该有相对应的学历。
5. How many students does each teacher work with?
Teachers who are assigned too many students have less time to work with people who need help. Making sure your teachers are not overburdened can help you get the education you deserve.
6. What hardware is required?
Most online classes require that students have access to a computer that is has the ability to run up-to-date multimedia and word processing programs. If your computer is too old, it may not work with your online program.
7. Will I need to purchase any additional software?
A lot of online programs provide all the materials you need directly from their site. A few request that their students buy supplemental software on their own.