1.pngThe biggest technology show of the year is taking place this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.
今年最大规模的科技展将于本周在内华达州的拉斯维加斯市举行。The show is called CES 2018.这就是2018年消费电子展。The Consumer Technology Association estimates about 170,000 people will attend. About one-third of them are reported to come from countries other than the United States.据消费者电子协会预计,这届展会大约有17万人参加。据报道其中三分之一的人来自于美国以外的国家。The show takes place every January. It was formerly called The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES.该展会在每年一月份举行。它以前被称之为国际消费电子展。More than 4,000 businesses are demonstrating products in areas such as gaming, self-driving cars, digital health, artificial intelligence and robotics.超过4千家企业将会展出游戏、自动驾驶汽车、数字健康、人工智能和机器人等领域的产品。One of the biggest stars at CES 2018 is the voice-controlled digital assistant. While the technology is not new, many companies are showing off the latest in virtual assistants.2018年消费电子展上最大的明星之一是语音控制数字助理。虽然这项技术并不新鲜,很多公司都将在虚拟助理中炫耀最新的语音控制技术。Devices controlled by digital assistants – especially those activated by voice - were already big sellers in 2017. This year, Google, Amazon and Apple are expected to release even more products to keep up with rising demand.由数字助理控制--尤其是由语音激活的那些设备在2017年已经卖得很火。今年,谷歌、亚马逊和苹果公司预计都会推出更多产品来满足不断增长的需求。Digital assistants are powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. They are designed to learn user preferences over time and then "think" and act on their own.数字助理由人工智能和机器学习技术来驱动。它们被设计成随着时间了解用户的偏好,然后“思考”并自主行动。Some of the biggest developments in technology have come in the area of home automation. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod and Microsoft’s Cortana are a few examples of voice-activated devices. All include "smart" speakers that "talk" to users inside the home and can perform operations.一些技术上的最新发展已经进入了家居智能化领域。Amazon Echo、Google Home和苹果公司的Homepod以及微软公司的Cortana就是声控设备的一些例子。所有这些设备都包括与屋内用户对话并可以执行操作的智能音箱。Experts with the Consumer Technology Association say sales of smart speakers are expected to nearly double in 2018, to $3.8 billion. "That market is not just heating up. It is a wildfire," researcher Steve Koenig told Agence France-Presse.消费电子技术协会的专家们表示,智能音箱的销量有望在2018年翻倍达到38亿美元。研究人员史蒂夫?科尼格(Steve Koenig)告诉法新社:“这个市场不止是在升温,它就是席卷市场。”The internet-linked products can play music or find information when asked questions. They can also control equipment such as lighting, cameras, televisions and temperature controllers.这些联网设备可以播放音乐或在被提问时查找信息。它们还可以控制照明、摄像头、电视机和温控器等设备。Among new "smart" home products to be released at the CES are voice-controlled washing machines, refrigerators, showers and toilets.这次消费电子展将会推出的新型智能家居产品有语音控制的洗衣机、冰箱、淋浴器和马桶。Some businesses will demonstrate robots that are designed to help people do things or attend to their needs. New virtual-reality and augmented-reality technologies will also be shown. Many of these will be aimed at video gamers or sports lovers seeking to feel like they are more involved in the game.一些企业将会展出机器人,它们旨在帮助人们做事或是倾听他们的需求。新的虚拟现实和增强现实技术也将被展出,其中很多都将会瞄准希望感觉更身临其境的电子游戏玩家或者是体育爱好者。CES is also traditionally the place for major electronics manufacturers to demonstrate their newest televisions. In an effort to get people to buy, companies are continuing to advertise new technologies, including "4K," ″HDR" and "OLED." Many of the televisions launched this year will come with voice controls.传统上,消费电子展也是主流电子制造商展示它们最新电视机的场所。为了让人购买,各公司正在继续推广新技术,包括4K、HDR以及OLED技术。今年推出的很多电视机都将配备语音控制。The show also has many new physical fitness and health-related devices. Some are designed to help people create the best personal fitness plans to reach their goals.这次展会还包括很多和健身以及健康相关的新设备。其中有些设备旨在帮助人们创建最好的健身计划以实现他们的目标。Wearable health devices are equipped to study and measure body conditions, while others help recognize signs of disease.可穿戴健康设备的配备是用于研究和衡量身体状况,而其它设备则有助于识别疾病迹象。