1.pngFor everyone who stands staring blankly at the contents of their fridge, help is finally at hand. Samsung has invented a fridge you can talk to. The South Korean tech giant has fitted its voice control software Bixby, its answer to Alexa and Siri, to a Family Hub 3.0 refrigerator.对站在冰箱前总是两眼直瞪的人来说,救星来了!三星发明了一款可以聊天的冰箱。三星将智能语音控制功能Bixby、亚马逊语音助手Alexa和苹果语音控制功能Siri植入到旗下冰箱Family Hub 3.0中。Engadget reports the Samsung will personalise responses to individual voices so you can ask what’s new and get your personal calendar and news updates. Samsung's website boasts: ‘A refrigerator with a Wi-Fi enabled touchscreen that lets you manage your groceries, connect with your family and entertain like never before.’媒体Engadget报道,三星将使声音更个人化,这样询问新闻时,会得到个人日程和新闻。三星网站上说:“装有无线网的冰箱使触摸屏成为可能,用户能够控制果蔬、和家人对话,或者娱乐一下,这是前所未有的。”The fridge will also have some serious sounds, with AKG speakers and it will integrate into Samsung's SmartThings ecosystem, so owners can control the lights, change temperature or even monitor a security camera from the fridge.这款冰箱也会有严肃的声音,配有耳机大牌AKG的话筒,和三星的智能家居开放平台系统融合,用户不但能控制光线、温度,甚至能为冰箱开启监控器。The fridge will also include a meal planner which personalises recipes, allergies and will even tell you when food is expiring. And you can tell the fridge to compile a shopping list which even takes into account your superstore loyalty card points. Samsung is also promising more content after forging partnerships with the likes of HomeAdvisor, Pinterest, Tasty and The Weather Company.这款冰箱还能设计个人化食谱、记录过敏情况、甚至说明食物的保质期状况。用户也可以让冰箱整合购物清单,顺便把超市的积分也算进去。三星已和美国家居设计公司HomeAdvisor、图片处理公司Pinterest、中国烘培业高端品牌Tasty和气象信息公司The Weather Company达成合作,期待日后推出更多功能。There is no details on the price yet, but the new fridge should be available this spring. It is unknown whether the fridge will have the word ‘no’ removed from its vocabulary as a fridge who can refuse you food will not be popular.价格方面尚未明确,但是今年春天这款冰箱就将上市。还不知道它的字典里有没有“不”,会不会否定用户对食物不感兴趣的看法。