1.pngExplosive expert Wang Zeshan and virologist Hou Yunde received the 2017 State Preeminent Science and Technology Award—the nation’s highest scientific award—in Beijing on Monday.火炸药专家王泽山和病毒学家侯云德于周一在北京获得了2017年国家最高科学技术奖——中国的最高科学奖。President Xi Jinping presented award certificates to them at an annual ceremony held in Beijing to honor distinguished scientists and research achievements.在于北京举行的年度典礼上,习近平主席为他们颁布了获奖证书,以此表彰杰出的科学家和研究成就。Wang, 82, is an academician at the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE). He is known in the academic field as the "King of Explosives" for his research into explosives that have great civilian and military applications. His inventions have improved the launch range of Chinese missiles and cannons by more than 20 percent.82岁的王泽山为中国工程院的一名院士。他因研究能够军民两用的炸药而在学术界被誉为“炸药之王”。他的发明将中国导弹和大炮发射里程提高了20%以上。Hou, 88, also an academician at the CAE, is the founder of China’s modern virology study. He laid the foundation for China’s molecular virus research, wrote numerous textbooks, created China’s first genetically engineered drugs—highly potent drugs that can be mass-produced—saving millions of lives and billions for the country’s economy.88岁的侯云德也是中国工程院的一名院士,他是中国现代病毒学研究的创始人。他为中国的分子病毒研究奠定了基础,写了多本教材,创造了中国首批基因工程药物——可被大批生产的强效药——拯救了数百万人的生命,为中国的经济节省了几十亿元。He also designed China’s modern disease control and prevention system that successfully repelled SARS, MERS, bird flu and other major outbreaks in the past decade. He is still working at frontier research as the chief designer for the national project on combating HIV and hepatitis.他还设计了中国的现代疾病控制与预防系统,成功地击退了非典型肺炎、中东呼吸综合征、禽流感和其他重大疾病的爆发。他现在仍在前线研究工作,担任国家抗艾和抗肝炎首席设计师。The State Preeminent Science and Technology Award was first established in 2000. So far, 29 Chinese scientists have been granted this honor. Each recipient receives a 5 million yuan ($750,000) prize.国家最高科学技术奖设立于2000年。至今,中国29名科学家获此殊荣。每名得奖者获得500万元(75美元)奖金。Other leaders, including Li Keqiang, Zhang Gaoli and Wang Huning, were also present at the ceremony.其他领导人,包括李克强、张高丽和王沪宁也出席了该仪式。