1.pngSix young men have spent around $120,000 (800,000 yuan) creating a frame reminiscent of the Airbus 320 using hammers and electric welding machines in Kaiyuan, Northeast China’s Liaoning province, according to Shenyang Evening News.据《沈阳晚报》报道,在中国东北辽宁省开元市,6名年轻人花了大约12万美元(约合80万元人民币)用锤子和电焊手工打造出一支“空客320”。With little knowledge of mechanics, the six amateur aircraft makers turned more than 40 metric tons of iron into a 37-meter-long and 36-meter-wide frame, much like those used to build the Airbus 320, within less than one year.此六名人员对力学知之甚少,他们将40多吨的钢铁在不到一年的时间里打造成37米长、36米宽的空客320框架。The young men encountered several setbacks in their efforts to obtain measurement data from an Airbus model. At first, they tried to use computers to zoom in on the model, but the model was too small to produce accurate data. Later, they hired a company to do three-dimensional measurements on the model, but errors still occurred, which kept them revising the data.这些年轻人在努力获取空客模型的测量数据时遇到了一些挫折。起初,他们试图用电脑放大模型,但模型太小,无法获取准确的数据。后来,他们聘请了一家公司对该模型进行三维测量,可是问题仍然存在,小模型放大后仍存在很多误差,他们不停做不停修。When welding the engine, we were stumped. It took us a lot of effort to weld the 200 pieces of sheet iron. Luckily, we made it, said Zhu Yue, who once worked as a motorcycle repairman.“做发动机焊口的时候,把我们难住了,费了很大周折,200多个小铁片连接在一起,好在这些困难都熬过去了。”朱悦说,他曾经是一名摩托车修理工。Zhu also said when the "Airbus 320" is finished, it could be used either as a wedding venue or a theme restaurant where staff could dress like flight attendants.朱还说,“空客320”完工后,它可以用作婚礼场地,也可以作为主题餐厅,服务员都穿着空姐制服。