India's sudden toughening of law enforcement toward Chinese might be a sign of rising anti-Chinese sentiment in the country, an expert warned on Thursday after several Chinese in India were recently detained or faced with fines.一位专家周四警告称,印度对中国人执法力度的突然加大,可能是中国反中国情绪日益高涨的一个迹象。此前,印度的几名中国人最近被拘留或面临罚款。According to a warning notice released by China's Embassy in India on Wednesday, several Chinese have been investigated, fined, detained and prosecuted by India's law enforcement authorities of late, adding that some alleged offenders were even put behind bars.根据中国驻印度大使馆周三发布的一份警告,一些中国人已经被印度执法部门调查、罚款、拘留和起诉,并补充说一些被指控的罪犯甚至被关进了监狱。China should be watchful of India's sudden move of toughening law-enforcement against the Chinese community, as it may well be a sign of rising anti-Chinese sentiment in India, Wang Dehua, head of the Institute for South and Central Asian Studies at the Shanghai Municipal Center for International Studies, told the Global Times.中国应该警惕印度突然加大对华人社区的执法力度,因为这可能是印度反华情绪上升的迹象,上海中南亚研究所所长王德华(音)告诉《环球时报》。Some overly opinionated Indian government officials are using the law-enforcement as a pretext to give innocent Chinese citizens in India a hard time, he warned.他警告说,一些过于固执己见的印度政府官员利用执法作为借口,在印度给无辜的中国公民造成了困难。The growing of anti-China sentiment in the nation may have stemmed from China's recent progress with its Belt and Road initiative and the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor along with enhanced military ties between China, Pakistan and Afganistan, Wang elaborated.国内的反华情绪日益高涨,可能源于中国近年来在“一带一路”和中巴经济走廊上的进展,以及中国、巴基斯坦和阿富汗之间的军事联系。According to the notice of China's Embassy in India, Chinese citizens are recommended to not overstay their visa and be aware of its expiry date. And they should not conduct activities that are not in accordance with their visa type, or work in India illegally.根据中国驻印度大使馆的通知,中国公民被建议不要逾期逗留,并知道其有效期。他们不应该进行不符合签证类型的活动,也不应该非法在印度工作。The notice also stressed that Chinese citizens should not visit foreigner-restricted areas designated by the local governments in India without approval by relevant authorities.该通知还强调,未经有关部门批准,中国公民不应进入印度地方政府指定的外国人禁区。"Big Chinese firms in India are the most affected by the so-called investigations, as many of their employees are working here using a business visa, which is not the required legal working visa," Ah Mian, a former Chinese student who now works in New Delhi, told the Global Times on Thursday.“印度的大中国公司受所谓调查的影响最大,因为他们的许多员工正在使用商务签证,而这并不是所需的合法工作签证。”现在工作的前中国学生阿勉在新德里,周四告诉环球时报。It's kind of a catch-22, as India issues only a small number of working visas, and the issuing process often takes a rather long time, so many are forced to work on their business visa, he explained.由于印度只发放少量的工作签证,发行过程通常需要相当长的时间,所以很多人被迫从事商务签证工作。Once serving as the head of the Chinese student union in India and having lived in the country for 10 years, Ah Mian also said it is not uncommon for some Chinese to get stuck in India as they did not realize when their visa expired. Some are unable to return to China before they complete the necessary paperwork and pay the fines, Ah Mian added.曾在印度担任中国学生会主席,在国内居住了10年,阿勉还表示,有些中国人在印度滞留,因为签证到期的情况并不罕见。有些人在完成必要的工作并支付罚款之前,无法返回中国。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。