outhern Chinese city of Shenzhen on December 26 set up a financial court and an intellectual property (IP) court.深圳华南12月26日成立了金融法庭和知识产权法院。The two courts are located in the Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone.两院位于前海深港现代服务业合作区。The IP court is empowered by the Supreme People's Court to deal with IP cases under the jurisdiction of Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court. The financial court will handle financial cases other than those falling under the jurisdiction of community courts, and appeals.知识产权法院是最高人民法院授权处理深圳市中级人民法院管辖的知识产权案件的。金融法院将处理社区法院管辖以外的金融案件,并提出上诉。The move addresses the large and growing number of financial and IP cases in Shenzhen, a front-runner in the country in terms of finance and technological innovation.此举旨在解决深圳这个在金融和技术创新方面处于领先地位的越来越多的金融和知识产权案件。In 2016, courts in Shenzhen adjudicated on 14,887 IP cases of first instance, or one 10th of the nation's total. In the first eleven months, Shenzhen courts handled 23,639 financial dispute cases of first instance, twice the number in the same period last year.2016年,深圳法院共裁决一审14,887件,占全国总量的十分之一。今年头十一个月,深圳市共审结一审金融纠纷案件23,639件,是去年同期的两倍。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。