101.pngThe first National Security Strategy plan of the administration of US President Donald Trump was published on December 18. After reading it in detail, I would like to sum up my opinion in five points.美国总统唐纳德·特朗普的第一个国家安全战略计划于12月18日公布。仔细阅读后,我想把我的观点归纳为五点。First, the plan has many similarities with those made earlier. Security, prosperity and leadership in international affairs have always been at the core of the US national security strategies. Of course, without a strong military and prosperous economy, it is meaningless to talk about so-called national security and leadership in global governance.首先,这个计划与以前的计划有许多相似之处。国际事务中的安全,繁荣和领导一直是美国国家安全战略的核心。当然,没有一个强大的军事和繁荣的经济,谈论所谓的国家安全和领导全球治理是没有意义的。The plan emphasizes that the US will strengthen military power, and it shows that supporters of the plan have not learnt their lessons. Increasing military power will harm the US economy, society and security, just as it did during the wars which the US participated in over the past couple of years. What's more, it means the US will prefer military methods in dealing with international disputes in the future, which will bring more crises and cause complications within international affairs and US domestic politics.该计划强调美国将加强军事实力,显示计划的支持者没有吸取教训。如同美国过去几年的战争一样,增加军事力量将会损害美国的经济,社会和安全。而且,这意味着美国今后将更倾向于采取军事手段来处理国际争端,这将给国际事务和美国国内政治带来更多的危机,并且会引起复杂化。Second, the plan makes it clear that the US adopts a geopolitical mind-set in relations with China and Russia. After the Cold War, the US always put pressure on China and Russia to maintain its dominant role in international affairs. However, it turns out that the US has to admit that geopolitics among major powers is back on stage.其次,该计划明确表示,美国在与中国和俄罗斯的关系中采取了地缘政治思维。冷战结束后,美国始终向中国和俄罗斯施压,要求其继续在国际事务中发挥主导作用。然而,事实证明,美国必须承认,大国之间的地缘政治已经回到了舞台上。The plan does not reflect the US failure in diplomacy with other major powers, but just blames China and Russia for competition among major powers. It also identifies Beijing and Moscow as "rivals" of the US who destabilize the region. However, the fact is that China and Russia have contributed to regional security. It analyzes the two countries' diplomacy in an incorrect way and reveals that US diplomacy will be more aggressive in the future.这个计划并不能反映美国与其他大国的外交失败,而只是把中俄两国列为大国之间的竞争。它还将北京和莫斯科确定为美国的“对手”,这些国家将破坏该地区的稳定。但事实是,中俄两国对地区安全做出了贡献。它以不正确的方式分析了两国的外交情况,揭示了美国外交将来更具侵略性。Third, the US considers the plan will serve the international order established after WWII. But it actually works for the international order that the US wants and not the one the United Nations (UN) would want.第三,美国认为该计划将服务于二战后建立的国际秩序。但是,这对美国所要求的国际秩序实际上是有效的,而不是联合国所希望的。The plan puts traditional US allies and partners in prominent positions, while the interests of other nations are deliberately ignored by the US. Such classification runs against the belief that every nation's security is linked and cannot be divided in a globalized world.这个计划把美国的传统盟友和合作伙伴放在突出位置,而其他国家的利益则被美国故意忽视。这样的分类违背了每个国家的安全都是联系在一起,不能在全球化的世界中分裂的信念。Most countries stress the core status of the UN in the current international order. However, the underlying meaning of the plan is that the UN should contribute to strengthening the US-led alliance.大多数国家强调联合国在当前国际秩序中的核心地位。不过,该计划的基本含义是联合国应该为加强以美国为首的联盟做出贡献。The US always tries to correct the UN-centric world order but accuses China and Russia of changing it. In fact, the world order established by the US is an outdated and exclusive alliance that is not constructive and comprehensive.美国总是试图纠正以联合国为中心的世界秩序,但指责中国和俄罗斯改变它。实际上,美国所建立的世界秩序是一种不建设性和全面性的过时的专属联盟。The architects of US diplomacy do not consider other nations' viewpoints and are unwilling to talk with other countries on equal terms, making it apparent that Washington cannot stand the growing military and economic influence of China and Russia.美国外交的设计者并不考虑别国的观点,不愿意与其他国家平等对话,显然华盛顿无法忍受中国和俄罗斯不断增长的军事和经济影响力。Fourth, the plan attributes political and national security motives to economic activities. Economic activities benefit countries naturally but the plan uses conspiracy theory to analyze such activities between China, Russia and the US.第四,该计划将政治和国家安全动机归因于经济活动。经济活动自然而然地受益国家,但是这个计划使用阴谋论来分析中国,俄罗斯和美国之间的这种活动。Trump thinks that China's trade practices, like its alleged theft of American companies' intellectual property, weakens the US economy. The plan says economic activities between China, Russia and other countries are also aimed at the US and have geopolitical implications.特朗普认为,中国的贸易行为,就像所谓的盗窃美国公司的知识产权一样,削弱了美国的经济。该计划表示,中国,俄罗斯和其他国家之间的经济活动也是针对美国,具有地缘政治影响。Such anti-globalization sentiment will only bring danger to the US and damage global economic development. What's worse, it will lead to global political chaos.这样的反全球化情绪只会给美国带来危险,损害全球经济发展。更糟糕的是,这将导致全球政治混乱。Last but not the least, ideas about international affairs in the plan are misplaced and devoid of common sense and logic. It is unbelievable that the US blames China for challenging the current economic order. China is the beneficiary of the current economic order and now the US feels the system is unfair. It is clear enough which country is not satisfied with the order and wants to change it.最后但并非最不重要的是,计划中有关国际事务的想法是错位的,缺乏常识和逻辑。美国指责中国挑战目前的经济秩序令人难以置信。中国是当前经济秩序的受益者,现在美国认为这个制度是不公平的。很明显哪个国家不满意这个命令,想改变它。What's more, the Trump administration thinks that nuclear issues on the Korean Peninsula and Iran are urgent and cannot be addressed without the help of China and Russia. At the same time, the plan sees China and Russia, which have contributed to the issues, as threats. Such inconsistency does not help solve problems but creates new ones.另外,特朗普政府认为,朝鲜半岛和伊朗的核问题是紧迫的,没有中俄两国的帮助就不能解决。与此同时,该计划将造成这一问题的中国和俄罗斯视为威胁。这种不一致不利于解决问题,而是创造新的问题。It can be said that the plan actually reveals the national security mind-set of US elites. It does not get rid of the policy mistakes over the last 30 years after the Cold War and fails to reveal a constructive strategy.可以说,这个计划实际上揭示了美国精英的国家安全思维。它没有摆脱冷战后30年来的政策失误,也没有提出建设性的战略。Some elites in the US always make the same mistakes without getting wiser. The plan is not in line with the situation in the US and the rest of the world, and will harm everyone if implemented.美国的一些精英总是犯同样的错误而且不明智。这个计划不符合美国和世界其他国家的情况,如果实施,将会伤害所有人。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。