Chinese President Xi Jinping on December 21 underscored the one-China principle as he hosted Gambian President Adama Barrow on his first China visit since diplomatic relations were resumed last year.12月21日,中国国家主席习近平在主持冈比亚总统巴罗的首次中国访问时强调了一个中国原则,这是自去年恢复外交关系以来首次访华。The two countries established formal diplomatic links in 1974, but China suspended relations in 1995 when the west African country resumed so-called "diplomatic" ties with Taiwan. Gambia severed ties with Taiwan in 2013.两国于1974年建立了正式的外交关系,但1995年西非国家恢复与台湾的所谓“外交”关系时,中国暂停了关系。冈比亚在2013年断绝与台湾的关系。"Upholding the one-China principle and the big picture of bilateral friendship, China and Gambia should understand and support each other on issues relating to core interests and major concerns, and be sincere friends and partners on an equal footing," Xi said during the talks at the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing.“坚持一个中国原则,两国友好大局,中国和冈比亚应该理解和支持对方核心利益和重大关切的问题上,平等和真诚的朋友和合作伙伴,“习近平在北京市中心的人民大会堂会谈中表示。Xi said Gambia's decision to resume diplomatic relations with China is a "correct choice," which follows the trend of the times and serves the fundamental interests of the two countries and peoples.习近平表示,冈比亚决定恢复与中国的外交关系是“正确的选择”,顺应时代潮流,符合两国和两国人民的根本利益。Barrow said the resumption of diplomatic ties fully accords with the will of the Gambian people.巴罗说,恢复外交关系完全符合冈比亚人民的意愿。He said the Gambian people respect the Chinese people, reaffirming that his country will firmly adhere to the one-China policy.他说,冈比亚人民尊重中国人民,重申中国将坚定奉行一个中国政策。Hailing the sound development of bilateral cooperation since the resumption of ties, Xi said such cooperation has brought tangible results to both peoples.习近平表示,两国恢复关系以来,两国合作的良好发展,给两国人民带来了实实在在的成果。Xi and Barrow agreed to map out future cooperation in their talks.习近平和巴罗同意在会谈中规划未来的合作。Xi called on both sides to have closer exchanges between governments, political parties and legislative bodies and share experience in national governance.习近平呼吁双方加强政府、政党和立法机构的交流,分享治国理政经验。"China attaches importance to cooperation with Gambia in agriculture, electricity and infrastructure, and is willing to enhance Gambia's capacity for self-development and sustainable development," Xi told Barrow.“中国重视与冈比亚在农业,电力和基础设施领域的合作,愿意增强冈比亚自主发展和可持续发展的能力,”习近平告诉巴罗。Xi proposed more exchanges in culture, education, media, youth, women, health and tourism and joint efforts to build the Confucius Institute to consolidate the popular will of friendship between the two countries.习近平提出,要加强文化、教育、媒体、青年、妇女、卫生、旅游等领域的交流,共同建设孔子学院,巩固两国人民的友谊。"China is willing to increase cooperation with Gambia in security and to step up communication and coordination in international and regional affairs to contribute to peace and stability in west Africa," Xi said.习近平表示:“中方愿与冈比亚加强安全合作,加强在国际和地区事务中的沟通与协调,为维护西非的和平与稳定作出贡献。”China aims to build a community with a shared future for mankind and will strengthen solidarity and partnership with developing countries including those from Africa, according to Xi.习近平表示,中国的目标是建立一个人类命运共同体,将加强与包括非洲国家在内的发展中国家的团结和伙伴关系。"China's cooperation with foreign countries is not attached to any political string. The essence of China-Africa cooperation is to combine China's development with that of Africa to realize win-win cooperation and mutual development," Xi said.“中国与外国的合作并不依附于任何政治因素。中非合作的实质是把中国与非洲的发展结合起来,实现合作共赢、共同发展。Barrow, who took office in February 2017, thanked Xi for extending him an invitation to visit China for the first time as a head of state.巴罗于2017年2月就职,感谢习近平主席邀请他作为国家元首第一次访问中国。"It is a sign of support, a sign of giving confidence to our new administration," Barrow told Xi.“这是一种支持的迹象,表明我们对新政府有信心,”巴罗告诉习近平。Expressing his gratitude to China for supporting Gambia in the 1970s, especially since the two countries resumed diplomatic relations, Barrow said his country cherishes the friendship with China and will never forget its assistance.巴罗表示,他感谢中国在20世纪70年代支持冈比亚,特别是两国恢复外交关系以来,他的国家珍视同中国的友谊,永远不会忘记中国的援助。China's support in the areas of agriculture and health has greatly promoted the national development of Gambia and improved people's livelihood, said Barrow, adding that he himself had received treatment by Chinese medical teams.巴罗表示,中国在农业和卫生领域的支持,极大地推动了冈比亚国家的发展,改善了民生。他还亲自接受了中国医疗队的治疗。Gambia stands ready to enhance cooperation in areas of the economy and trade, agriculture, electricity, infrastructure, education, tourism and people-to-people exchanges, and collaboration in international affairs, he said.冈比亚愿继续加强在经贸,农业,电力,基础设施,教育,旅游和人文交流等领域的合作,在国际事务中开展合作。Expressing his admiration for China's achievements, Barrow said Gambia would like to learn from China's reform and development experience and enhance its own capacity-building.巴罗表示,他对中国取得的成就表示钦佩,愿学习中国的改革和发展经验,提高自身能力建设。He also said that Gambia is willing to take an active part in cooperation within the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation.他还表示,冈比亚愿在中非合作论坛框架内积极参与合作。Following the talks, the two presidents witnessed the signing of bilateral cooperation documents on the setting up a Confucius Institute at the University of The Gambia as well as on cooperation in economy, trade, investment, technology, infrastructure construction and human resources development.会谈后,两国元首共同见证了冈比亚大学孔子学院设立、经贸、投资、技术、基础设施建设、人力资源开发等领域合作文件的签署。Barrow arrived in Beijing on December 20 for a week-long state visit. Besides Beijing, he will also visit the cities of Xiamen and Guangzhou.巴罗于12月20日抵达北京,进行为期一周的国事访问。除北京外,他还将访问厦门和广州。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。