1.pngA heartwarming video shows a line of people in Tangshan, Hebei province, linking their hands together to save three drowning people.一特别暖心的视频显示,在河北省唐山市,有一群行人手拉手,从冰湖上救了落水的三人。The video, released by Hebei Radio and Television Station, shows a dozen people holding hands who formed a line more than 20 meters long, trying to rescue three people caught in ice holes in a frozen lake.这份视频由河北省广播电视台播放,视频中,有十几人手拉手,组成了20几米的人链,尝试救助掉在冰窟窿里的三人。A boy, a girl, and their mother reportedly fell through the ice on the frozen lake while skating. They were rescued in less than three minutes, thanks to the help of people passing by.据报道,一位妈妈和她的儿女在冰上滑冰时,掉到了冰窟窟里,多亏了路过的行人,他们在不到三分钟之内就被营救上来。Despite their heroism, some netizens pointed out that the rescuers should have lain on the ice rather than standing on it to reduce pressure on the ice when rescuing a drowning person.尽管他们的英雄行为非常棒,不过,还是有网民指出,救落水者时,他们不应该站在冰上,而应该躺在冰上,这样子能减轻冰面的承压。