1.pngPolice have started an investigation after a woman delayed a train by stopping the door from closing, saying she was waiting for her husband in a city in eastern China.在华东地区某城市(合肥),一位女性以等待丈夫为由阻止关闭车门致火车延迟,随后警方对此展开调查。Railway authorities in Hefei, Anhui Province, said Tuesday on their official Weibo account that the woman, Luo Haili, stood in between the train door and clung onto the handle while making phone calls, supposedly to her husband, at Bengbu South Railway Station on January 5 when the train was about to leave.安徽省合肥铁路局周二在官方微博上称,1月5日在蚌埠南站,当火车就要开动之时,那个名叫罗海莉的女人,一边站在车门之间抓着门把手,一边打着电话,估计是打给她丈夫。The G1747 service was running from Bengbu to Guangzhou in south China’s Guangdong Province.这列G1747次列车,当时正要从蚌埠开往中国南方广东省的广州。Luo has been identified as a teacher at Yonghong Road Primary School in Heifei City. She has been suspended from her post following the incident, Luyang District education bureau said Tuesday, according to a report by thepaper.cn.罗被认定为合肥市永红路小学的老师。澎湃网报道中称,庐阳区教育局周二表示,事件发生后,她已被停职。In a two-minute video shot by other passengers, Luo refused to step inside the train or retreat to the platform while railway staffers repeatedly asked her to let go of the door handle. She argued that she was waiting for her husband.从其他乘客拍摄的一个两分钟的视频中显示,尽管铁路工作人员反复要求她松开门把手,罗女士仍拒绝进入车厢内或退回站台。她说在等自己丈夫。Luo received overwhelming criticism online, with netizens alleging she has broken the law and suggesting she be banned from trains for life.罗女士在网络上受到了强烈的谴责,网友称她违反了法律并建议被判终生禁乘。