1.pngA picture of a boy arriving at a classroom with his hair and eyebrows fully covered with frost went viral on the Chinese Internet, people.cn reported.据人民网报道,一张男孩的头发、眉毛全被冰霜覆盖的照片在网上走红。A third-grader at Zhuanshanbao Elementary School in Xinjie Town, Ludian County of Zhaotong City, Yunnan Province, the boy’s home is 4.5 kilometers from the school so he usually needs to walk over an hour to attend classes, according to school headmaster Fu Heng.据校长付恒介绍,这个男孩是云南昭通市鲁甸县新街镇转山包小学三年级的学生,他的家距学校4.5公里,所以他得步行一个多小时去上学。In the picture, the boy has a red face from the low temperatures and apparently did not wear enough clothes to keep warm. He stood alone with his white hair and eyebrows while other classmates behind were clearly amused and laughing.图片中男孩的脸因低温而冻得通红,显然也没有穿足够保暖的衣服。他那洒满冰花的头发和眉毛惹得同学们哄堂大笑,他却坚决的站在那里。His teacher took the picture on Monday and then sent it to the school headmaster. For reasons unknown, the picture was released on the Internet and caused a sensation.星期一,他的老师拍了这张照片,然后将其发给了班主任。不知怎么的,这张照片就在网上传开了,并引起了轰动。It was minus 9 degrees centigrade in the morning and also the first day for the end-of-term exam, said Fu. After arriving at the classroom, the boy made a face that sent his classmates into peals of laughter.校长说,“那天早上的气温是零下9摄氏度,也是期末考试的第一天。”男孩到教室后做了个鬼脸,把同学们都逗乐了。Fu said the boy’s parents work in other cities and he lives with siblings. The school provides breakfast and lunch for students but the classrooms have no heating supply.校长说,男孩的父母在外地工作,他和兄弟姐妹一起生活。学校为学生提供早餐和午餐,但教室没有供暖设备。Many Weibo users have expressed their support to the boy. User @Hedgehog-qian said "the hardships you endure will shine on the path ahead." Another user @qwedfgvbn123098 said, "study hard to change your fate."许多微博用户表达了对这名男孩的支持。用户“Hedgehog-qian”说,“你现在受的苦,将会照亮你未来的路。”另一名用户qwedfgvbn123098 说,“努力学习,改变你的命运。”