1.pngA hotel made of ice and snow officially opened on Monday at the Olguya Ewenki nationality township in Genhe, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region.周一,在中国内蒙自治区熬鲁谷雅温克族乡,中国第一家冰雪旅馆正式开业。It is the first of its kind in China. Almost all internal facilities, including beds, tables and decorations are carved with ice.这是中国第一家冰雪旅馆,包括床,桌还有装饰都都由冰雕成。Covering an area of 1,000 square meters, the hotel has 10 hand-carved art suites, each of 10 to 15 square meters. It also has a recreation hall, a reading room, a bar, and a dining hall.这家旅馆占地1000平方米,有十间手工雕刻的房间,每间房大概有10到15平方米。该旅馆还有娱乐厅,阅读室,酒吧以及餐厅。The temperature in the suites is about 5 degrees below zero.套房的温度一般在零下五度。But the beds are covered with moisture-proof pad and reindeer fur. Warm sleeping bags and clothing are provided to ensure that guests will not get frostbite.不过,床上会铺设驯鹿皮以及防温层。酒店还会提供保暖睡袋和保暖,确保客人不会冻伤。The hotel is expected to melt away in three months as it gets warm in spring.据了解,春暖花开后,也就是3个月后,这家旅馆就会融化掉。