1.pngUPDATED: Jia Yueting, the colorful founder of the struggling LeEco Group, says he cannot yet return to China. That puts him in defiance of an order from one of the country’s financial regulators.举步维艰的乐视生态创始人贾跃亭称他现在还不能回国。也就是说,他要违抗北京证监局要求贾回国的责令。In a Dec. 25 instruction, the China Securities Regulatory Commission said it wanted Jia back in China by Dec. 31 to take action over the mounting debts at the sprawling tech and video streaming group. Having missed that deadline, Jia on Tuesday used his WeChat social media account to publish a letter he sent to the CSRC on Dec 31. In it, Jia says that he cannot return to China while he is making good progress on the refinancing of electric cars company Faraday Future in the U.S.12月25日,中国证监局下令要求贾跃亭在31日之前回国处理乐视科技和影视公司累积的债务。现在已经过了最后期限,贾跃亭周二(1月2日)在微信上公布了31日给证监会的回信。信中他说,现在还不能回国,不过电动汽车公司法拉利未来(Faraday Future/FF) 的融资目前进展很顺利。“The fundraising for Faraday Future in the United States is making significant progress and there are many tasks I need to push forward in order to ensure the production and timely delivery of the (latest model) FF91,” he said. In previous blogs, Jia had suggested that if he returned to China he feared not being allowed to return to the U.S. where Faraday’s future is likely to be decided.“美国FF融资取得了重要进展,为了保证新款汽车FF91顺利生产和按时交付,我还有很多事情要处理。”此前,贾跃亭就在微博上表示过,担心一旦回国,就没办法再回去美国了。In the new posting, Jia said that he had asked his wife and his older brother, Jia Yuemin, also a board director of listed unit LeShi Internet Technology, to meet with the CSRC. Jia’s wife, Gan Wei, appeared to land in Beijing on New Year’s Eve, posting messages on her Weibo social media account from the airport, and saying that she was back with a mission. That left it unclear whether Jia himself had returned or defied the CSRC order.在朋友圈状态中,贾跃亭称他已经安排妻子和兄长贾跃民和证监会人员会面。贾跃民也是上市公司乐视互联网科技公司董事。贾跃亭的妻子甘薇女士似乎在新年前夕到达了北京,发微博称自己是负命回国。但目前还不清楚贾跃亭本人到底是回来了还是违抗命令仍在美国。Lawyers have pointed out that Jia’s breach of the CSRC announcement may have civil, rather than criminal implications. But Jia’s problems at home are mounting.律师说贾跃亭违抗证监会命令可能会有民事责任,不用承担刑事责任。但是贾跃亭在中国的问题也是越积越深。In mid-December, he was placed on China’s list of debt defaulters and on a national blacklist. By the end of the month a court announced that it had seized substantially all of his assets in China. In his message, Jia points to a missed debt payment in July last year that triggered a asset freeze and caused multiple other calls for debt repayment. The mounting cash problems mean the shutdown of nearly all the group’s non-listed companies and the layoff of 10,000 staff.12月中旬,贾跃亭因为债务违约被列入了全国黑名单。12月底,一法院称已经几乎控制了贾在中国的全部资产。在微信中,贾称因7月份逾期未支付贷款导致资金冻结和更多催款。资金链断裂导致乐视集团非上市公司业务停顿,10,000多名员工被解雇。He also pointed to supply chain shifts in the phone handset market in 2016 that had a ripple effect across the consortium.他还说,2016年移动手机业务供应链断裂,给乐视集团带来了一系列负面连锁反应。Jia recently announced a $1 billion cash lifeline for Faraday Future. But one of the purported investors Thailand’s leading energy group, PTT, denied its involvement.贾跃亭最近对外公布法拉利未来得到了10亿美元的投资,但是涉及的泰国主要能源集团PTT否认了这一传闻。