105.pngSora Aoi posts a picture showing her wedding ring on her personal Sina Weibo account on Monday night. Photo: Sina Weibo周一晚上,苍井空在她的个人新浪微博上发布了一张她结婚戒指的照片。 The marriage announcement of a Japanese porn star has stirred emotions on Chinese social media platforms and received overwhelming applause from the public, despite surging anti-Japanese sentiment.在中国社交媒体平台上,一名日本色情明星的结婚公告激起了人们的强烈反响,尽管反日情绪高涨,但公众仍热烈祝福。Sexologists said it showed growing tolerance among Chinese toward sex-related industries, which have long been stigmatized.性学家表示,中国对与性相关行业的容忍程度越来越高,这些行业长期以来一直受到歧视。Sora Aoi, who opened a Sina Weibo account on her 27th birthday in 2010 and has so far attracted 18 million followers, announced on the platform on Monday night that she has married a man, who is neither handsome nor rich but accepts her previous occupation.2010年,苍井空在她27岁生日时开通了新浪微博账号,至今吸引了1800万粉丝。周一晚上,她在平台上宣布,她嫁给了一个既不英俊也不富有却接受了她之前的职业的男人。"I have no regrets about my previous job, but I know it created a serious problem in getting married. So, he is great," said Aoi.“我对上一份工作不感到遗憾,但我知道这在结婚时造成了一个严重的问题。”所以,他很棒。The announcement quickly went viral across Chinese social media platforms, with over 106,982 users reposting the message. Over 650,000 people liked the posts, and 140,000 had left comments as of press time. 这一消息在中国社交媒体平台上迅速传开,超过106982名用户转发了这一消息。截至发稿时,超过65万人喜欢上了这篇文章,还有14万人留言。While some attacked Aoi by being nasty, her announcement met wide support and good wishes. Some users argued that as shooting porn movies is legal in Japan "people could disagree but should at least show some respect."虽然一些人攻击,但她的声明得到了广泛的支持和良好的祝愿。一些用户认为,在日本拍摄色情电影是合法的,“人们可能不同意,但至少应该表现出一些尊重。”"Despite the fact that there is a surging anti-Japanese sentiment in China, Aoi's friendliness toward the Chinese people won their acceptance and respect. Good wishes on her marriage showed that China is a tolerant society," Xu Jingbo, head of the Japan Bureau of the Asian News Agency, told the Global Times.“尽管中国的抗日情绪高涨,苍井空对中国人民的友善也得到了他们的接受和尊重,她的婚姻良好愿望表明中国是一个宽容的社会”,日本局局长徐静波亚洲新闻社告诉环球时报。Fang Gang, a sexologist and sociologist at Beijing Forestry University, said that moral condemnation of the porn industry among Chinese is on the decrease. "People no longer stigmatize the porn industry but view it with a more open mindset."北京林业大学的性学家、社会学家方刚(音)表示,中国的色情行业道德谴责正在减少。“人们不再歧视色情行业,而是以更开放的心态看待它。”However, experts pointed out that the changes do not mean that the sex industry in China will be legalized in the near future.然而,专家指出,这些变化并不意味着中国的性产业在不久的将来会合法化。Peng Xiaohui, a sexology professor at Wuhan's Central China Normal University, said that there are still large numbers of people who enjoy porn in private but belittle the industry in public standing on a moral high ground.武汉华中师范大学的性学教授彭晓辉(音)说,仍然有大量的人在私下里享受色情,但在道德高地上,公众却很少关注色情行业。China has been stepping up its efforts to crackdown on pornography. More than 2,500 websites were shut down in November 2016. In the latest crackdown, two popular news apps - Toutiao and Phoenix News - were ordered to temporarily suspend parts of their channels for "spreading pornographic and lewd information."中国加大了打击色情的力度。二零一六年十一月,超过二千五百个网站被关闭。在最新的打击行动中,两个受欢迎的新闻应用程式「头条」和「凤凰新闻」被勒令暂时中止部分渠道「传播色情及淫亵信息」。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。