Two police officers in Changsha, Hunan Province received numerous death threats on Tuesday after video of them beating a leashed golden retriever to death in front of a shocked crowd went viral, media reported.据媒体报道,周二,湖南省长沙市的两名警察收到了无数的死亡威胁,视频中,他们在震惊的人群面前将一只金毛猎犬打死。The threats range from intimidating text messages to funerary wreaths being sent to the officers' homes after they were identified in a human flesh search, Changsha public security authorities told长沙市公安部门对媒体表示,这些威胁的范围从恐吓短信到在人肉搜索到被人寄去了“菊花”(咒人去死的意思)。Changsha police justified the officers' actions, releasing surveillance video showing the dog biting at least four people, including a 66-year-old man who reported the attack, reported.据报道,长沙警方对这些人员的行为进行了辩解,并公布了监视录像,显示至少有四人被狗咬到,其中一名六十六岁的男子报案。100.pngA police officer beats the dog with a long wooden club. Photo: CCTV一名警察用一根长木棍打狗。Animal rights activists have been gathering at the site of the controversial beating since Monday to leave flowers and mourn the dog's death after the video sparked outrage on social media, media reported.据媒体报道,自周一以来,动物权利活动人士一直聚集在这一备受争议的地点,留下鲜花,并哀悼狗的死亡。The horrifying video shows officers clubbing the already bloodied and whimpering retriever in the head with a long pole on Sunday.这段可怕的视频显示,在周日,警察在一个长杆头上带着已经血流成河的猎狗。The dog had been left tied to a low railing along a sidewalk near a community in the city's Tianxin district.这只狗被拴在城市天心区一个社区附近的一条低栏杆上。According to, the retriever was adopted from a nearby pet hospital and had most likely been abandoned only hours before the attacks on Sunday.据新闻报道,这只金毛猎犬是在附近的一家宠物医院领养的,在周日的袭击发生前几小时就被遗弃了。"The dog was probably aggressive because it didn't know its new owner," said an employee at the Companion Pet Hospital. "The owner didn't dare get near it and probably left it there."宠物医院的一名员工说:“这只狗可能很好斗,因为它袭击了它的新主人。”“老板不敢靠近它,可能就把它留在那里了。”Police said two officers from Tianxin district's Jinpenling substation responded after 66-year-old surnamed Leng reported he had been attacked.警方说,天心区金瓶岭变电站的两名工作人员在66岁的岭南人报称遭到袭击后作出了回应。"If it wasn't leashed, it could have bit my leg through," Leng later told media.“如果它没有被压住,它可能会咬我的腿,”Leng后来告诉媒体。Police officials said the officers were unable to find the owner. They had no tranquilizers and could not use a handgun as a crowd had gathered.警方官员说,警察无法找到狗主。他们没有镇静剂,也没有手枪。"They had no choice but to use a club," said Peng Yong with the Tianxin police public relations department.天心警方公关部门的彭勇说:“他们别无选择,只能用手。”101.pngPictured is the Golden Retriever after it was beaten to death. Photo: CCTV图为被打死后的金毛猎犬。Many disagree. "There were small children and elderly people watching," said a volunteer with the Changsha Small Animal Protection Association surnamed Duan, who had attended a memorial service on Monday. "They should have tried to find its owner. Who else would have leashed him there?"许多人不同意。“有小孩和老人在看,”一位姓段的长沙小动物保护协会的志愿者说。他周一参加了一个追悼会。“他们本应该设法找到它的主人。”还有谁会把他拴在那里?”Duan argued the situation was under control because the dog was tied up. She said officers should have contacted animal authorities, who would bring a veterinarian to assess whether the dog had rabies.杜安认为情况已经得到控制,因为狗被绑了起来。她说官员们应该联系动物管理部门,他们会带一名兽医来评估这只狗是否患有狂犬病。Some residents have expressed support for the officers. "Nobody was watching it. It was in a public place and posed a threat," said another resident and dog owner surnamed Dai. "If they didn't hit it, the police would have lost their jobs," he said.一些居民表达了对军官的支持。“没人在看。这是在一个公共场所,并构成了威胁。”另一位居民和养狗人戴先生说。他说:“如果他们没有击中目标,警察就会失去工作。”According to a local regulation, dogs without tags and not in the company of owners are seen as "wild dogs" that are allowed to be caught or killed by city authorities. 根据当地的一项规定,没有标签的狗和没有主人的狗狗被认为是“野狗”,它们被允许被城市当局抓获或杀害。Authorities are working to resolve the case, said Peng.彭说,当局正在努力解决这个问题。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。