1.pngA man restrained a 15-year-old girl with tape and cable ties, before sexually assaulting her as she suffocated, a Hong Kong court heard on Wednesday (Dec 27).12月27日,一名男子用胶带和电线绑住了一名15岁的女孩,然后在她窒息的时候对她进行了强奸。The accused, Lau Cheung-fai had asked the girl, Kwok Wai-ming, to his flat for a photo shoot, reported South China Morning Post via The Star.据《南华早报》报道,被告人刘璋辉曾要求郭某来他的公寓担任模特拍照。During the shoot, Kwok refused to change into a costume provided by Lau, triggering an assault from the latter.在拍摄过程中,郭某拒绝换上刘璋辉提供的服装,刘璋辉被激怒,开始对少女进行攻击和迫害。Lau, ’in a detailed and shaking account’, described how he had taken a glass ketchup bottle and bludgeoned the victim, repeatedly striking her head, said Public prosecutor Martyn Richmond.检察官马丁.里奇蒙德说,被告人详细地描述了他是如何拿起一个玻璃番茄酱瓶子,然后不断打击少女头部,残忍程度听起来让人发指。According to Lau’s account, Kwok had fought back but was ultimately subdued by nylon cables tied around her neck and ankles.根据刘璋辉的说法,郭某在过程中曾尝试反击,但最终被他用尼龙线绑住了脖子和脚踝。Lau also wrapped tape around Kwok’s wrists, head and face, which inadvertently led to her suffocating.刘璋辉还用胶带缠着郭某的手腕、头部和脸部,不经意间导致了她发生窒息。He then proceeded to force her to drink Chinese wine, removed her underwear, and sexually assaulted her, even as she was likely to have been ’asphyxiating’, Richmond said.里奇蒙德说,他后来强迫她喝了白酒,并脱下她的内衣对她进行了性侵犯,尽管此时她很可能已经窒息而亡了。Lau disposed of Kwok’s body after killing her - by squeezing her body into a suitcase and forcing the lock closed.刘璋辉在杀死郭某后,强制将她的尸体锁进行李箱。After placing the victim’s body into a suitcase, Lau wheeled the case to the nearby Harbour Hotel.将被害人的尸体放入行李箱后,刘璋辉将行李箱推至附近的港湾酒店。