China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) voiced opposition to the European Union's new anti-dumping methodology on December 21, saying it was imposing "misleading" standards for enterprises.2月21日,中国商务部表示反对欧盟新的反倾销法,称这是对企业实施“误导”的标准。"Every country enjoys the right to choose its own development path, which should be respected by the international community," said MOC Spokesperson Gao Feng when commenting on the new EU anti-dumping methodology and its report accusing China of significant market distortion.商务部发言人高峰在评论欧盟新反倾销方法及其报告指责中国存在重大市场扭曲时说:“每个国家都有选择自己的发展道路的权利,应该得到国际社会的尊重。”The EU has recently released new anti-dumping rules that remove the former distinction between "market and non-market economies" for calculating dumping. Instead, the rules require the proving of the existence of a "significant market distortion" between a product's sale price and its production cost.欧盟最近公布了新的反倾销规则,消除了“市场和非市场经济体”之间对倾销的区分。相反,这些规则要求证明产品的销售价格与生产成本之间存在“严重的市场扭曲”。It has also published a report on China, claiming that there were "significant distortions" within the economy.它还发布了一份关于中国的报告,声称中国经济存在“严重扭曲”。"Practice has fully proven that China's socialist market economy with Chinese characteristics accords with China's reality and its economic development in the new era, and it has won positive evaluation from many other countries," Gao said.“实践充分证明,中国特色社会主义市场经济符合中国的现实和新时期的经济发展,已经得到许多国家的积极评价。”"EU leaders have repeatedly expressed hopes that they want China-EU economic and trade relations to be sound and stable...which has so far maintained good momentum," he said, citing figures that bilateral trade between the two sides has climbed 12.7 percent in the Jan.-Nov period.欧盟领导人多次表示,希望中欧经贸关系健康稳定……迄今为止,这一势头一直保持良好势头,”他援引数据表示,双方的双边贸易在1月至11月期间增长了12.7%。"China hopes the EU side would 'walk the talk' and guide its enterprises in a right way to truly protect China-EU trade and economic cooperation," Gao said. "China reserves its rights under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and will take necessary measures to protect its legitimate interests."“中方希望欧方‘走出去’,以正确的方式引导企业,切实保护中欧经贸合作。”“中国在WTO争端解决机制下保留其权利,并将采取必要措施保护其合法权益。”本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。