Britain and China should seize golden opportunities to forge a closer global partnership in the post-Brexit era, British Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Secretary Greg Clark has said.英国商业,能源和工业战略部长格雷格•克拉克说,英国和中国应该抓住机遇,在英国脱欧后时代建立更密切的全球伙伴关系。The official, who was in Beijing for the ninth round of China-UK Economic and Financial Dialogue (EFD), told Xinhua recently that the two countries could further enhance their cooperation in the fields of trade, investment, clean energy, and others to jointly face global challenges.这位正在北京进行第九轮中英经济金融对话(EFD)的官员近日对新华社说,两国可以进一步加强在贸易,投资,清洁能源等领域的合作,共同应对全球性挑战。Being optimistic about the ongoing Brexit negotiations between Britain and the European Union, Clark said there was "great will" on both sides to have a strong and special relationship. Meanwhile, Britain is willing to renew its enthusiasm for international relationships, especially with China.对英国和欧盟正在进行的英国退欧谈判持乐观态度,克拉克说,双方都有“伟大的意愿”,建立起强有力的特殊关系。与此同时,英国愿意重振国际关系的热情,尤其是与中国的关系。"In the world after Brexit, Britain will continue to be a place that trades wholeheartedly with the rest of the European Union. For a lot of Chinese companies and investors being based in Britain, it is still a good place to be part of the European system," he said.“在英国退欧后的世界里,英国将继续是一个全心全意与欧盟其他国家交易的地方。”对许多中国企业和投资者来说,中国仍是成为欧洲体系的一部分的好地方。Clark said Britain's relationship with China is a good example of its internationalism, which has entered a new phase in the "golden era."克拉克说,英国与中国的关系是其国际主义的一个很好的例子,它已经进入了“黄金时代”的新阶段。In its recently released industrial strategy, the British government identified energy transition as one of the key global challenges. "The best solution to these challenges is when countries could work together," Clark said, adding that Britain and China have built a strong foundation for working together on this issue.在最近发布的工业战略中,英国政府将能源转型视为全球面临的主要挑战之一。克拉克说:“应对这些挑战的最好办法是各国可以携手合作。”他还说,英国和中国已经为在这一问题上共同努力奠定了坚实的基础。"The Hinkley Point C project is not only the largest energy investment in the UK, but also the largest infrastructure investment project in Europe," said the official, adding that this is a good example of how clean energy cooperation can function as a pillar of international partnership.该官员表示:“Hinkley Point C项目不仅是英国最大的能源投资,也是欧洲最大的基础设施投资项目。”他补充说,这是一个很好的例子,说明清洁能源合作可以作为国际伙伴关系的支柱。The 14-billion-GBP ($18-billion) project, with one third invested by China, has been described by local media as "Britain's first new nuclear power station in a generation."这个耗资140亿英镑(约合18亿美元)的项目,由中国投资了三分之一,被当地媒体形容为“英国第一个新核电站。”Clark said that through the Paris Agreement, both Britain and China have made very significant commitments on climate change. "One of the challenges is to make sure we can meet our commitment at an affordable cost," he said.克拉克说,通过《巴黎协定》,英国和中国在气候变化问题上做出了非常重要的承诺。他说:“我们面临的挑战之一是确保我们能以负担得起的成本兑现承诺。”Part of Clark's purpose to attend the Energy Dialogue under the EFD scheme is to look for opportunities for renewable energy cooperation in a broad range, including offshore wind energy, he explained.他解释说,在EFD计划下,克拉克参加能源对话的目的之一是寻找可再生能源合作的机会,包括海上风能。Britain has established a leading position in this field, and the energy cost has been effectively reduced with the application of offshore wind technology, he said.他说,英国在这一领域已经确立了领先地位,利用海上风能技术,能源成本已得到有效降低。"I hope that clean energy is affordable for both consumers and businesses, we have a joint ambition in bringing down the cost of energy," he said.他说:“我希望消费者和企业都能负担得起清洁能源,我们在降低能源成本方面有共同的目标。”Clark was also interested in the Made in China 2025 initiative. According to him, the world has witnessed "massive and exciting" changes taking place where major revolutions of technology have been transforming almost every sector of the economy as well as people's lives.克拉克也对“中国制造2025”计划感兴趣。据他介绍,世界目睹了“大规模,激动人心”的变化,技术的重大革命正在改变几乎所有的经济部门和人民的生活。He was delighted to see that the two countries have identical views on global trends, such as the aging population, and that both countries have come up with action plans on developing artificial intelligence, data analysis, as well as other sectors, to embrace technological changes and build economic strengths.他很高兴地看到,两国对人口老龄化等全球趋势的看法是一致的,两国都制定了发展人工智能,数据分析等行业的行动计划,以迎接技术变革并建立经济实力。"The best way to make progress is to have a whole-hearted enthusiastic international collaboration and I think we have a golden opportunity in part of this 'golden era' to work together on these global challenges," Clark said.克拉克说:“取得进展的最好方法是全心全意热情地进行国际合作,我认为我们在这个”黄金时代“的一部分中有一个千载难逢的机会,共同应对这些全球挑战。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。