The market has perhaps read too much into Russia's $27 billion gas project in the Arctic, which has been described by Western media as a symbol of Moscow's efforts to overcome Western sanctions. The landmark project will help shore up Russia's energy cooperation with China, but it's purely a business deal that will help relieve acute shortages of natural gas in China.市场可能对俄罗斯在北极的270亿美元的天然气项目进行了过多的解读,西方媒体将其描述为莫斯科努力克服西方制裁的象征。这一具有里程碑意义的项目将有助于加强俄罗斯与中国的能源合作,但这纯粹是一项商业交易,将有助于缓解中国天然气的严重短缺。To reduce air pollution, China this year adopted stringent measures restricting the use of coal. As a result of the transition to clean energy, demand for the cleaner alternative - natural gas - has risen rapidly, sending prices of liquefied natural gas (LNG) to a three-year high. Gas-supply shortages are hitting Central and North China in the dead of winter, affecting both residential heating and industrial processes.为了减少空气污染,中国今年采取了严格的措施,限制使用煤炭。由于向清洁能源转型的结果,对清洁替代天然气的需求迅速上升,将液化天然气(LNG)的价格推高至3年高点。在冬季,天然气供应短缺正冲击着中国中部和北部地区,影响到住宅供暖和工业生产。Growth in domestic natural gas production can hardly keep up with that of gas consumption, so China has no choice but to rev up imports to meet growing demand. The country is on track to become a larger natural gas importer, as the volume of imported LNG reached 29.1 million tons in the first 10 months of this year, up 47.7 percent year-on-year. China's growing LNG purchases mean the country will be more significant for global suppliers.国内天然气产量的增长很难跟上天然气消费的增长,因此中国别无选择,只能增加进口以满足日益增长的需求。中国有望成为一个更大的天然气进口国,今年前10个月,进口液化天然气的进口量达到291万吨,同比增长47.7%。中国日益增长的液化天然气购买量意味着,中国将对全球供应商更加重要。The $27 billion LNG plant, co-sponsored by Russian, French and Chinese companies, is likely to ramp up Russia's LNG deliveries to China. Australia, Qatar, Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have long been the major sources of China's LNG imports, but they may be soon replaced by Russia. Efforts to diversify its LNG sources will help China gain more pricing power as the country steps up imports. Russia is one of the largest LNG producers in the world. Regardless of whether stringent sanctions are imposed on Russia, Sino-Russian energy cooperation is poised to enter a new stage of long-term and strategic cooperation. The $27 billion plant is just the dawn of a possible "golden era".这一耗资270亿美元的液化天然气厂,由俄罗斯、法国和中国公司共同赞助,可能会增加俄罗斯向中国输送的液化天然气。澳大利亚、卡塔尔、马来西亚、印度尼西亚和巴布亚新几内亚一直是中国液化天然气进口的主要来源,但它们可能很快就会被俄罗斯取代。随着中国加快进口,其液化天然气来源的努力将有助于中国获得更多的定价权。俄罗斯是世界上最大的液化天然气生产国之一。不管是否对俄罗斯实行严厉制裁,中俄能源合作都有望进入长期战略合作的新阶段。这座耗资270亿美元的工厂只是一个可能的“黄金时代”的开端。The project does not target any third party. China's transition to clean energy offers great opportunity for not only Russia but also Western countries, including the US. China and the US have agreed on closer cooperation involving LNG trade in recent years, but the overly suspicious attitude of Western media toward China will impede US companies from tapping the potential of cooperation in the Chinese market.该项目不针对任何第三方。中国向清洁能源转型,不仅为俄罗斯,也为包括美国在内的西方国家提供了巨大机遇。近年来,中美两国就液化天然气贸易的密切合作达成一致,但西方媒体对中国过于怀疑的态度,将阻碍美国企业挖掘中国市场合作潜力。The author is a reporter with the Global Times.本篇为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。