1.pngFor seven seasons of Games of Thrones has graced television screens, and while many fans live for the show, now they can live the show.七季的《权游》霸屏了,同时,很多粉丝们都为了这部电视剧而活,现在他们可以活在剧中了。Lapland Hotels SnowVillage in Finland has built a hotel entirely out of ice and snow in collaboration with HBO Nordic. The hotel took only one month to build with professional ice sculptors from Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Latvia designing the Game of Thrones-themed suites, according to Condé Nast Traveler.位于芬兰雪村的Lapland和北欧的HBO合建了一座没有冰和雪的酒店。根据《Condé Nast Travel》表示,这座酒店耗时一个月建造,冰雕由俄罗斯,乌克兰,波兰和拉脱维亚的专业设计师打造,还设计了以《权力的游戏》为主题的套房。The rooms are equipped with several well-known facets of the popular show, including the Braavosi Hall of Faces, an Ice Throne with the Mountain guarding it and a dragon-shaped ice slide.房间用剧中很受欢迎的小方块装饰,包括布拉佛斯的大厅,高山保护着的冰王之座,和龙形的冰骨。The hotel has 24 rooms, 10 if which are suites, each with their own ice sculptures built into the walls (which are also made of ice). You have the option of sleeping under the ever-watchful stare of a White Walker or under the direwolf sigil known for the Stark family.酒店有24个房间,10个是套间,他们每一个房间有雕在墙上冰雕。你也可以睡在白色徒行者的目视之下,或者Stark家族的狼印下。While staying at this hotel might sound like a GOT fan's dream, extra blankets and an electric blanket might be needed as the inside is 23 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the outlet.待在这个宾馆听起来像粉丝之梦,超大的毯子和电热毯都是必要的,看入口处,里面的温度是有23华氏度。Entry into the village is $18, with rooms starting at $200. SnowVillage also has a movie theater, and guests can enjoy meals at an ice restaurant with an arctic bar.雪村的门票是18美金,房间收费从200美金起。雪村也是电影城,客人们可以在北极吧的冰餐厅里面享受美食。