Unexpected problems have continually cropped up as online learning apps boomed in the Chinese market. Recently, several online learning apps which were designed to target primary and middle school students have been denounced by parents and teachers for containing improper contents for children. The apps have been deleted from the app store. But a market report shows that many learning apps have the functions of social networking and games which distract teenage users.随着在线学习应用在中国市场蓬勃发展,意想不到的问题不断出现。最近,一些针对中小学生的在线学习应用程序遭到了家长和老师的谴责,因为这些应用程序包含了不适合儿童使用的内容。这些应用程序已从应用商店中删除。但市场报告显示,许多学习应用程序都具有分散青少年用户的社交网络和游戏功能。In the information age, learning apps are helpful for students to acquire knowledge and broaden their horizons, as a beneficial supplement to the curriculum at schools. With such apps, teachers can conveniently assign homework and check students’ work efficiently and provide instructions if needed. Learning apps can meet the needs of students and improve their learning efficiency with diversified and customized services. But current problems remind the public that learning apps in cyber space can’t become healthy without supervision and regulation.在信息时代,学习应用程序有助于学生获取知识,拓宽视野,作为学校课程的有益补充。有了这样的应用程序,教师可以方便地分配作业,并有效地检查学生的工作,并在需要时提供指导。学习应用可以满足学生的需求,通过多样化的定制服务提高学习效率。但目前的问题提醒大众,在网络空间学习应用程序,如果没有监督管理,就不可能健康。Undoubtedly, the apps service providers should be responsible for the contents. But currently, it is very easy to develop learning apps without necessary registration and qualification review procedures. Therefore, education and market authorities should strengthen supervision and do their part to ensure the learning apps available in the market are healthy for students. Watchdogs should raise the threshold and stop unqualified service providers from accessing the market. The booming learning apps market needs to cool down.毫无疑问,应用服务提供商应该对内容负责。但目前,开发学习应用程序是非常容易的,没有必要的注册和资格审查程序。因此,教育和市场部门应加强监督,尽其所能,确保市场上的学习应用程序对学生健康。监管者应该提高门槛,阻止不合格的服务商进入市场。蓬勃发展的学习应用程序市场需要冷静下来。本文为爱思英语原创内容,转载文章请注明来源。